Monday, February 27, 2006

The Anatomy of a Blogger

I am such a loser when it comes to numbers but without going through a numbers crunching game and a thorough audit trail scan on my laptop’s cache, results would probably show that I have surfed into tens and thousands of blogs [across nationalities, countries and continents] in a span of 3 years! Ah, the joys of being a voyeur in these times of internet technology days.

I love to lurk on interesting content meaty sites and I am always on the look out for witty and catchy writers who have a great sense of humor, satirical included, in fact highly recommended, and those that are not afraid to speak their minds out without losing ground on objectivity.

But anywho… what fuels us to blog?


With my 3 years blogging experience tucked in my belt, I have arrived to the conclusion that the following are the reasons why people are hooked to this blogging wonder.

Bloggers have narcissistic traits

Even though many bloggers admit that they are self proclaimed pontifical narcissists [I also admit this sometimes], I’d like to correct this statement and offer this phrase instead: bloggers in possession of some narcissistic traits. There, that’s better.

YOU the blogger might not be aware, but being a narcissist does not only mean having the disease of excessive love and admiration of oneself. Thing is, on top of the medical explanation list, it says that narcissism means being a pathological liar.

*eyebrows raised*

Now, now… that can’t be true unless all the posts in your and my blog are invented lies, right? So shall we then say that we will safely settle with the possession of some narcissistic traits rather than being an outright narcissist?

Bloggers love to write

Blogs indeed have turned the media and publishing world into a 360-degrees turnabout. Everyone can now write as they please without shoving those language and writing certificates or the most coveted journalism diploma at the throats of publishers. With technology, its easy as 123, you can write and publish yourself, yes in a click! Wow, this is the best invention since the invasion of instant noodles! Woohoo!

And many a times too, I hear bloggers say that writing is therapeutic. It is actually. My own experience tells me the same thing. My head can be so busy and bursting with mental activities, all at the same time. To let these out, I must write.

But being a part time blog voyeur, I also learned to become a no-thank-you critic. Not my fault really when we are bombarded with blog pages of wrong grammar and boondocks spelling. And all the while I thought that MS Word has been finally discovered to perform automatic spell and grammar check... I was wrong. Well this too, my favorite, the wannabe attempts at sense of humor and grandiose entertainment. What about those blogs with colorful rainbowish and infinitesimal fonts, complete with mushy cliched music and the next thing you know, you find yourself cursing heavily because you can’t seem to turn the damn music off?

ARGH! I’m getting a severe headache now! But hey, it’s everyone’s right to write, to blog, so I better shut up my keyboard.

Bloggers are opinionated

I call this intellectual masturbation. Telling the world though of how your day went, what you ate for lunch and gossiping about someone in your blog does not count.

My definition of being opinionated means you have an opinion of something, which more often than not is a result of having sound knowledge on a certain intelligent topic. To me, they do not matter if these are good, bad, wrong or right opinions. The mere fact that you gave an opinion about an intelligent subject is the point.

The issue here would be: What is the definition of intelligence? The answer is quite subjective since it depends on the reader’s intelligence as measured by his or her mental prowess, capacity and most importantly, I believe is often times neglected by many, the way a person responds when his or her opinion is criticized.

Which is why I have convinced myself that this blog is mine, mine and mine alone. The only opinion that matters in this blog is MINE. Notice the comments are off? I’m selfish but other than that, I can’t handle paparazzi!

Bloggers are exhibitionists

Oh la la… the Lady Godiva syndrome minus the nudity.

Like having narcissistic traits, all bloggers who frequently update their blogs, enlist themselves in blog directories, fill in comment boxes with their blog links, allows their blog friends to link them back and moreover, those that are not only satisfied with ego and intellectual masturbation, as evidenced on how they push the meter of entertainment up on a higher notch by posting pictures of themselves, are definitely, 101% exhibitionists.

Admit it, do not be shy, YOU love attention! But hush don’t worry, I too, and well, the rest of us in this somewhat crazy cyber blogging world.

This in fact should be the first acceptance code of a blogger.

Bloggers like to show off

I’ve classified this apart from exhibitionism. Why? Well read below.

Clearly, there are some bloggers out there with premeditated motives of exhibiting their wares, good lucks and achievements, in the guise of intentionally making their targeted audience bite their teeth in absolute envy and jealousy. A closer look can prove history of hostilities in the parties involved. What’s interesting is, when this targeted audience returns the deed of... also parading off their assets and heavenly graces in their sites. Hmm, well... well...

Like nature’s evolution cycle of symbiosis, I feed you [with fire], you feed me [with fire], thus all these blog war shenanigans. I have not even talked yet about the parasites that benefits from these and and the troll effects!

Aw, such amusement. That’s why I love the lurking game. I admit… I’m such a snoop. Luckily it’s not a crime.

Bloggers like to share their knowledge/hobby

Now what can I say? Some bloggers do have great intentions but I bet that they, as human as they are, also suffer from a few of the reasons explained in this entry, perhaps covertly. No one is perfect.

Examples of these pedagogic sharing your knowledge and hobby themes are gastronomy blogs, which I sometimes am fond of checking out, especially if they talk of interesting things other than the recipe.

I love a food blog that talks about cuisine history and incidentals related to the food topic. It makes food blogging real fascinating, able to leap beyond what our palates and stomachs dictate.

Bloggers blog to communicate with friends and family

The biggest chunk of a reason people would like to believe they started a blog is they use it as a communication tool for their select friends and family, well yeah right… until such that their cursors and keyboards gave roots and bonded with narcissism and exhibitionism.

This is on the record a great example of sheer BS, especially if the blog site has enjoyed an increase amount of visitor traffic. Let’s have some perspective shall we? Let’s not kid ourselves. Let’s get real.

Having said that, I am leaning on a percentage of 10% to 20% of bloggers out there, who by the way blog in private, as against to the majority BS claiming they did it for friends and family.

It’s the millennium age bloggers. No one is really that naïve.

Bloggers seek friendships

I would not be surprised if as a blogger, you suddenly wake up one day and found out that most of your current friends you mingle with, you met through blogging. That speaks volumes. Plus the way to distinguish how hook, line and sinker you are caught with this blogging conspiracy, would be to look into the number of personal blog links you have in your own site and the number of comments you leave on your blog friend’s pages, acquaintances or just blog hopped blogs each day.

The borderline between the surreal floating world of the internet and the matrix of reality has become so thin. Ah, how profound. Who would expect?

Words of caution: Be careful of quantity. Mass production usually means lack of quality.

Bloggers want to belong to a community

Like the above, some bloggers indeed have a much greater need to belong, although others I believe use it as a tactic to network for personal or business gain. Nothing wrong with that anyway!

Funnily though, this reminds me of my high school and university days. Instead of blogs, we had the slum book participation, and instead of blog communities, we previously had exclusive girl or boy groups, later, the sororities and fraternities. Yeah we all go through this. Even the geeks have their own troupe, although the unsung loners and individualists are probably left behind in the scene, not that it mattered to them anyway.

I guess, we never graduate from this type of shindig after all...

Bloggers want to prove something

Such as some bloggers start a blog to purposely satirize or commend another blog, or a person, hmm could be a celebrity. For all I know, there are so many Britney Spears bashers out there! Or wait, it could also be a product, or an online or offline community… whatever.

The blog’s aim is suppose to prove something else other than the visible otherwise. I once had a stalker who made a special blog about me but sadly it went unattended because I totally ignored it. Damnit, I could have been a celebrity now! *regrets deeply*

Q: Is this is a genius work of art? A: I don’t know.

Q: What about a good strategy? A: I have no clue!

But… if the blog has some wit and sense of humor, I will read. Hey, I am an advocator of freedom of speech --responsibly.

You see, internet privacy laws are still on its premature stage, for some countries they are still in immaculate conception. Though each state, country, united community jurisdiction laws [such as the EU for example] can anytime overrule local and international claims and everything else down under the ladder, still, we have to bear in mind that the rise of technology in our generation is unprecedented.
The legal world does not really have utter control of it, even if they wanted to.

We do not have a single cohesive international law of privacy for all countries to fall back on. Big brother is even guilty for spying on us citizens. It simply spells: C-O-M-P-L-I-C-A-T-E-D. And if someone pushes it, you are just wasting money to feed your wounded ego.

Let’s use our brains. Let’s be above reproach. Let’s take everything negative in stride with a laugh and a grain of salt. Shall we, OK?

Bloggers want to earn money

There has been so much talk about earning through blogging but I simply believe in this equation of, out of the 100% wannabe professional bloggers, only 2% are earning decently enabling them to pay their mortgage, health insurance, utilities, and other life’s expenses.

In fact blogging reminds me of multi-level networking, the top earns the most while the lowest bottom of the pyramid earns peanuts.

Anyway, as an experiment I have launched some ads in this blog… just to see how far this will lead me to.

I also believe that many are taking on towards the road of pro blogging by writing free lance in some blog communities. Great move and more power to them!!!

Well here is a story….

Last night, Dutchman and I were having dinner in this really cozy restaurant by the Oudegracht. Beside us were 3 guys talking about building websites and blogging. Hearing the word, BLOG just can’t be missed! Thus, like the nosy individuals we were, we quickly polished our radar antenna systems so we can eavesdrop in their conversation.

One guy said, “I’ve only earned US$ 17.00 for a year from this ad placement in my site. It’s not even enough to pay for my € 100-something yearly hosting.”

Oh well, well, there you go, the facts of blogging.


If people are talking about YOU [yes you blogger], positive or negative, then hey, go celebrate. Someone actually thinks you are worth the time to talk and write about! Wow damn, you actually matter, LOL. Think about that.

In marketing, the specialists and analysts always say, bad publicity is always good publicity.

Therefore, rather than resorting to, a. the Joan of Arc-Gabriela Silang’s I must defend and explain myself b. I am a victim thus the emotional blackmail outbursts, stunts included c. the childish banters as evidenced by vindictive counter attack posts and d. rallying your own clique n’ clan, all because your ego was molested... well, here goes my unsolicited advice...

Responding to this type of harassment in a rather personal way, take note with emotions at play, can result to clouded judgments, which in my opinion, we as being respected bloggers that we all think we are, should have espoused a different attitude such as seeing the challenge in a larger perspective of things, far and beyond the petty situation at hand.

Quite sad, but not many are able to rise above this test.

The crux of the matter, which I strongly believe should serve as TERMS & CONDITIONS for every active blogger:

Face the consequences of public life criticism [yeah blogging is public life, unless you elect to make it private then go create a new one and make sure nobody knows okay] and quit the pity party, defensiveness and counter attacks. Grow some thick hide, call yourself higher, be a professional, be above reproach and learn to mechanize your personal ignore button.

These are the facts of blog life: Thinking people know who to respect and when to respect someone. So if you as a blogger aim to have this target set of an audience, then you better regroup yourself.

We all can grow up to be 70 but wisdom is another thing.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Girl Talk: Boob Investment

After the provocative and stimulating discussion of the male’s eikel [and being inspired by this post], it’s just fair to switch the limelight to something female this time. To keep this blog wholesome, we won’t be discussing the lower region part, just the upper regions. *wink*

Well let’s see... there are girls who are naturally blessed with huge properties up front. My sincere hallelujahs to them! Some though are just like me, who have enough to live through, day by day. But let’s not forget that there are also the less gifted women with small frontal assets.

No, this tiger push-up beha [the strange Dutch word for bra], pronounced as bay-haa, isn’t mine... but I’d like to buy one like this for myself. Very sexy eh ;-)

So, okay... who is then to be blamed for the diversity in women’s breast sizes? Is it god? Is it genetics? Or is it how our parents positioned themselves when they had sex? I’m not kidding, some people really believed in this, arguing that its a proven methodology for conception.

But anywho, thanks to our millennium generation, we now have the technology to augment our less desirable body parts!

DISCLAIMER: I do not advocate to those ridiculous cosmetic surgeries. This blog isn’t sponsored by Hollywood California and I am in no way related to Michael Jackson.

Cosmetic surgery, such as silicone breasts enhancement, is not only expensive, life threatening and superfluous, it is personally, revolting. Come to think of it, you’ve been sliced open, your insides discriminately scrutinized, stitched up and some sort of slimy alien substance resembling like gelatin flan desserts are left buried between your breast tissues. I mean eww, I cringe at that gruesome thought.

So girls, there is nothing to worry. In this discussion, we will stick to the artificial method of breast augmentation.

I believe that for every contemporary woman, having push-up bras in our closets are a must. They are simply great for support, but they are also good for that icky time of the month when we feel delicate and sensitive. Yes, they hold up and protect. Most important of all, they give form, cleavage and confidence. Do you agree girls? *grins profusely*

Let’s say, you have cup A, with a push-up bra you can easily move forward to the next cup level which is B. And if you are already a cup B, then hey, hey, welcome to the world of cup C.

Cleavage power: The 1st foto was taken almost 5 years ago, October 2001, in Phuket Island, Thailand. Eyebrows are wrinkled because the sun was too hot! And the 2nd foto was taken last year, June 2005, in Praia du Vao, Algarve region, Portugal.

The foto exhibits above are great living testimonies. Must be some camera trick, huh? Nah, give the praise and glory to push-up bras! YEAH!

But then, this is just the tip of the iceberg. So read more...

Around summertime of last year, MadamE and I went on a shopping spree in Kalverstraat, the biggest and busiest shopping lane in Amsterdam near the Dam square. We were leisurely hopping from one shop to the other when we passed by Blokker, one of the cheap ubiquitous Dutch household chain of stores.

At the entrance was a huge vat filled with discounted fake breasts. A closer look proved the breasts were gel silicone bras in skin tone color. Of course I knew about these way back then in the Philippines, but I never really bothered.

Filipinos to my knowledge are not really fond of big breasts. The celebrated image of the ideal woman in the Philippines is supposed to be effortlessly demure, fragile, simple and chaste plus sprinkled with a dash of the mysterious conservative aura. With that kind of societal basis of beauty, I surely don’t have the ambition to think of supplementing further my already B cup turned C cup in a push-up bra. Having a B size in fact is already considered as being boob blessed *e-hem thank you* in the Philippines. Honestly, let’s admit it, the average Filipina or Asian woman have small breasts.

Living in Europe though is quite a different experience. Day in and day out, I am constantly faced with a barrage of au naturel large breasted Dutch women. In fact when you think of Dutch women, you would think they are synonymous to huge breasts. So as of late, mine have become *sniff sniff* quite insecure. They can’t cope up with what’s considered the average boob size, as per Dutch standards.

“Did you see those skin tone gel bras?” MadamE asked whilst tugging my elbow.

“Yeah, those are silicone gel bras… but how much do they cost?” [Once you have assimilated to the frugal and money conscious Dutch culture, this is always the first thing that comes into your mind]

MadamE’s face was glowing. “Its only € 6.95!” she whispers.

This is the gel silicone strapless and backless bra. The bra just sticks to your breasts and you can freely adjust them to give maximum cleavage and bust lift. A close up look will show you that the gel has started to peel off.

Needless to say, we bought the cheap gel bras. We couldn’t wait to try them on the next day and see the generous payoffs. Good thing, it was still summer, perfect opportunity for us exhibitionists to show off.

I quickly tried them on upon arriving home, then checked myself in the mirror and put on a halter top. I was highly pleased with the end-result so off I went to the living room to surprise the unsuspecting Dutchman.

The man that he is, Dutchman proved to be without any disappointment. His gaze was automatically locked at my newfound frontal assets.

“What in gods name happened to your boobs?!!!” hissed the Dutchman, somewhat shocked with my home boob stunt of a publicity. --“Hey, quit staring at my mammary glands!” He-he.

Meanwhile, in Amsterdam...
MadamE was modeling the newly bought gel bosom in front of her husband...

The feedback I received from her was something else though. She narrated to me that her husband couldn’t stop from laughing. He think its very funny. Oh yeah? Hmm well, he is Filipino, so I’m sure he is not used to having large boobies at home ergo his amusement!

These are our augmented breasts!!! LOL! MadamE posing at her home in Amsterdam [can you believe that body has 2 kids?], while me at the Heumarkt square in Cologne, Germany, both taken around early autumn of last year 2005.

Unfortunately, our spanking brand new boob supplement didn’t last that long. The gel bras were cheapskate imitations. After using them several times, the gel started peeling away. Well, what can we expect from a € 6.95 product?

BUT --come summer, when it’s that time of the year to shed off again the layers of thick clothing, I will be buying another one, this time the real McCoy. These original gel bras would probably range between € 50 to € 100.

Lesson learned: Stick to quality.


Here are some TIPS: For better result when using a gel strapless bra, combine it with a normal bra. Best is a push-up bra with very thin pads. This will give maximum support and confidence.

And another thing, I believe these gel bras are safe on water. Therefore, you can use them under bathing suits and bikini tops. Simply brilliant.

So there you go girls. Give some frontal hump power! If you haven’t tried this yet then get them! I am pretty sure your life will never be the same again ;-)

Monday, February 20, 2006

Simple Minds concert

Does anyone still remember the popular Scottish band, SIMPLE MINDS? They were such a huge hit in the 1980’s and of course, I was a big fan of their music back then, and so was the Dutchman.

Here’s the beef, even though the glory days of Simple Minds is over, the band is still surprisingly A-L-I-V-E! Yes, they are. They have just released a new album in September of 2005 and currently, the group is on tour all over Europe, USA and Australia, albeit with a focus on a niche market, the older genre. Ha-ha.

The news is… we went to their concert last weekend!

The Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam and moi...those are Belgian guys beside me by the way, probably die-hard Simple Minds fans who flew in from Belgium just for the concert.

Here are some snapshots of the concert:

Simple Minds singer, Jim Kerr, he actually looks a bit like Bruce Willis... and the lead guitarist, the other remaining original member of the Simple Minds band.

The show was held in Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, with a capacity of almost 8,000 seats. All tickets were sold out. Man, I didn’t know Simple Minds still has much of a following!

More of Simple Minds in action.

Since we have the tickets to the open field, we went there an hour early to make sure we grab the right spot. Even though I’m a dwarf by European height standards, we made a decision to stand near the podium, as it is the best place to experience the real concert spirit. Our encounter last year with U2’s Vertigo Tour in the Amsterdam ArenA [10x or more the capacity of Heineken Music Hall] was such a pity because we were sitting at the far back end of the stadium. So this time, we made sure we were up there, real close and personal.

I have many live 1 minute footages [yeah bootlegs!] of the concert taken by our digicam, featuring their famous old hits such as: “Don’t You Forget About Me”, “New Gold Dream” and “Alive And Kicking”. I am still looking for a host for these AVI files and when they are ready, I will upload them here.

After the show, can you see the littered plastic cups all over the floor? What a mess.
All in all, the concert was a success. Jim Kerr, the singer and front man of the group was looking good although definitely older in years. Well, I too and the rest of the --visibly kids of the 1980’s generation concert attendees, he-he.

And of course, we wouldn’t miss it for the world to take more pictures of moi. ;-)


I have signed up with Adsense Google Ads a month or two ago, and its just now that I’m tweaking with it, yeah quite late. However, I can’t seem to remove the stuff? Darn it, is this permanent?


What is going on with the ADD IMAGE functionality of Blogger? It is not functioning!!! I had to load the photos using tinypic.

Monday, February 13, 2006

112 Calling!

This might be somewhat late but I’ve forgotten [sometimes I get carried away with other things] to make an entry about the little accident that happened to me during our ski holiday in Austria, hence the title of 112 calling as it represents Europe’s emergency toll-free hotline number.

The unfortunate mishap went like this…

We were parked across the entrance to the Zillertal Arena, busy getting ready and hauling our ski boots and materials out of the car’s trunk. Naturally, the boyscout Dutchman was quick to mobilize everything and himself but unfortunately, I not. For minutes, I struggled painstakingly, thrusting down my feeble knees and limbs so that my little feet can get into the skimpy ski boots. While doing this, I placed my hands, for weight support and balance, on top of the edge of the car’s trunk, oblivious of what was about to happen next.

BLAG! Went the trunk’s door down...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I screamed! My little fingers are stuck!!! H-E-L-P!!!

The Dutchman [the culprit], shocked, terrified and looking extremely powder white, quickly jerked the trunk door open.

I continued to scream my tonsils off and whimper like a wounded little chicken. The pain was excruciatingly unbearable shooting like sharp bullets of spasms into my whole system. I felt like a million vengeful queen bees have stung my left fingers! Waaah!

When I took my ski gloves out [good thing I was wearing them], they all looked deadbeat in black and blue.

My poor little hand... foto taken the night after the accident. The other 3 fingers were quickly healed and back to normal except the bandaged one.

Still in agonizing pain, I slumped down on the frosty white snow and sat next to a huge mound by a signage post, hand limping and crying like a little baby, while the many onlookers and curious passersby were fervently twisting their heads and necks, back and forth, trying to get a peek on what the hell is going on with this sobbing Asiatic looking lady laying on her butt on the snow floor.

I couldn’t care less if I made such a street spectacle of myself or if my face looked like a black Sabbath circus. I reckon the black traces of my mascara were flooding generously across my cheeks. Uh, on that thought, I probably looked scary than funny!

The now mortified Dutchman instructed me to burrow my hand under the heap of snow beside me. He said it will help fight against swelling, which I, of course, obliged willingly.

A quick look at his face and I was sure he was riddled and suffering with immeasurable guilt, so I thought [I always have presence of mind during emergency situations you know, even if I cry my eyes out], if it will make him feel better if I file a huishoudelijk geweld [domestic violence] case against him in court.

Hmm… such evil thoughts tapping in there... he-he.

I was brought to the nearest huisarts, pronounced as house-arts [means doctor, in Deutsch its arzt] and had an X-ray scan. Thank goodness none of my finger bones were broken! The doctor was also a nice chap who was very patient in artfully bandaging my worst hit finger, and told me bluntly, “You cannot ski today and maybe not in the next few days.”

DAMN! is all what I can say.

Additionally, the whole trip to the doctor costs me € 150 and good thing I have my credit card with me as I don’t always bring large sums of money. We’ve filed since then for an insurance refund and hopefully I get my money back soon.

Since I could not do much that day, I spent most of the afternoon gallivanting in the center of Mayrhofen.

The next day, my fingers felt better, although the bandaged one I realized was heavily damaged, still, I thought, it felt much better than yesterday. Well, good news is this, I based my newfound courage on that! E
ven though I was strongly advised by the doctor not to ski, in fact he made sure the bandage was thick so that the ski gloves won’t fit in, I, the willful Pinay had the gall to defy him.

“I’m not a weak little chicken who’s going to sit another pity party day while everyone out there is enjoying! No one can stop me. I’m going to damn ski!”

Thus, out came the rolls of bandage from my finger, falling down to the trash bin. And so I skied ;-)


And CONGRATULATIONS to the Netherlands for winning both GOLD and SILVER medals [as usual] in the 3000-M Women Speed Skating [country’s national sport, no wonder the women won!] in the Turin Winter Olympics.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Airport Lunches

A close encounter of our big faces, me and MadamE…

I met up again with MadamE for lunch the other day and since she works near Amsterdam WTC Zuid and my appointment was in Hoofddorp, I met her halfway and picked Schiphol Plaza [actually Amsterdam Airport Schiphol] as our best meeting place.

It’s always nice to ditch the gargoyle Dutch for an hour or two and speak in wanton recluse our homegrown language. Yes, we insist that Cebuano is a language and not a dialect! I have to keep up with the drill, as with my age, I am afraid, I might start forgetting some real important Cebuano words such as kilum-kilum [dusk/sunset] and kahidlaw [longing].

This is the entrance of the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Airports always bring a familiar and relaxed feeling to me. Familiar because it’s the place where home [the Philippines] is only a flight away and relaxed, because it reminds me of holiday [vacation].

Nonetheless, we had lunch and as usual, the narcissist and exhibitionist in us took control. After having our fill followed by some drinks, we indulged in a few self portrait pictures. I hope they are not a fright though!

In the restaurant café at Schiphol [sorry forgot the name] and among the flowers.

And of course since we were surrounded with the Schiphol airport ambiance, I couldn’t help but feel a jarring itch inside me, scratching uncontrollably, coaxing me to plan a short getaway soon.

Paris first came to our eager minds. Ah, it would be nice to be back in Paris.

Well, MadamE and I are just thinking loud, yes just thinking… but we both agreed that it would be reeeally nice to have some breather, some girl fun, even for just a couple of days or a weekend... WITHOUT THE MEN IN OUR LIVES.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Abundance of Idiots and Idiotic Events

Let’s talk about idiots and idiotic events. Not really one of my favorite discussion but in this 21st century, you just can’t simply miss them. Their tribes have seemed to multiply, warranting the desired attention, just like the recent cartoon melee that hijacked the international headlines. I mean, WTF, do these… OOOPS… I better stop--- [zips the keyboard and slaps my hands, repeatedly].

Darn it, these hands are like rabbits, they are too quick to type! [slaps them again!] Thing is, my no fail conscience has just flashed a huge red flag sign in front of my computer screen reminding me not to discuss sensitive politics [yeah, one of my unwritten blog rules] that might ruin my blog extravaganza and make me a candidate of kidnapping.

That said we go back to normal programming…

Bike News

Have I told everyone that my bike was stolen? Well yes, it was S-T-O-L-E-N!

I will spare the details of this tragic event as there is not much to report except that when I got back to collect my bike, it was gone. Right, that simple, it was G-O-N-E! I just stared blankly at the empty space where I’ve parked it while my mind was running wildly, wanting to scream at my faceless enemies, “The idiots finally got me!”

This means I am officially in the LOOOOOONG list of victims in this country, a victim of Holland’s number 1 crime: BIKENAPPING.

This is my bike that was stolen by an idiot. The bike was a home coming present from the Dutchman 3 years ago. This foto was taken last year during late spring in the border between Nieuwegein and Utrecht.

Since this incident meant dealing with local nuisances, I am adding the bikenapping experience to my grand list of Dutch adventures, supposedly my uncut version of Dutch adaptation and integration.

Oh well. The idiots really got me. I still could not believe it. GGGRRR but sigh... life in Holland, eh?

Anyway, did you know that there are more bikes in this country than people and that biking is a lifestyle by the Dutch? Here is an article I made last year about Biking in the Netherlands. Check it out.

Now on to something else, something spicy and quite taboo, which I am sure, all of you nosy individuals would like to know...

RLD in the Internet

Ever experienced taking a peek in the red light district of the internet?

Oooh... I see one eyebrow raised and two startled bulging eyes flashed in front of me, he-he.

OK, you might wonder, why such a forward question. But c’mon, do not kid yourself. Do not be shy, do not lie and do not pretend. Admit it! You have done this! [grins wickedly]

There, I hope I have stirred your interest quite a bit ;-)

Well the other night, I was surfing aimlessly in this huge blog database when something trapped my curious eye… an unusual blog, imbued to evangelize to a sundry of lustful men catering to the ins and outs of the seedy nightlife in the Philippines. As a result, the inquisitive spy in me was alerted, I MUST click the link, LOL.

And perhaps due to my automatic cerebral processing, which is primarily based on my general distaste to this sort of pursuit [hey I’m no prude but I have my own stand on this], I was expecting to find a cheap looking site with equally cheap writing and presentation, but helaas, I was proven very wrong.

The blog was quite impressive. The lay out of the site was straightforward and businesslike, the author’s no-nonsense way of writing was catchy and how he described, dissected and summarized, hey he even gave useful tips, the whole whoring business, was unexpectedly very professional. I also noticed that there were special terms and acronyms he used which I have no clue about. I will not dare post them here as Google, Yahoo and MSN have kept sending me heaps of sick individual crash landing into this site. I will also not give the link to this unrestrained blog, as I do not really support such licentious and decadent activities. Let’s just say, the subject will remain anonymous, period.

Anyway, while reading through one of the entries, the author gave a few escort site recommendations. Of course, this curious sleuth of a cat clicked on it. It brought me to another page, an international escort service pool site where I have to choose a country to enter in order to view the gallery. Being a Filipina, I clicked on the Philippines and voila, a long list of ads from free lance escort service ladies [and gigolos] flooded my screen. As you would expect, I aimed my cursor to the ones with pictures.

To my amazement, a number of the ladies listed in the site were actually pretty and get this, decent looking and supposedly educated! I also saw that right below their bio descriptions, is a portion with star ratings where customers can add a personal remark about their experiences with the said lady escort. Gripped with added curiosity [I know I am such a snoop], I started reading… until I bumped into this…

“I had so much fun with you [insert any name you fancy here]! You really have a flawless soft skin, and u smell like a real fresh lady… [Cut for censorship]… And I really thank the Heaven above that I found you! If you need any help I'm just here. You are so yummy baby!”

Did I just read that this dim-witted freak of a bastard idiot THANKED THE HEAVENS ABOVE for his palpable whoring lechery?

GEEZUS baby, what a distorted and perverted view of spirituality. Simply unbelievable! Man, I don’t know if I should stop laughing and be infuriated instead. This is a de facto living testimony that there are idiots on the loose out there that badly need a shrink!

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