Saturday, April 22, 2006

Expatica Column: My date with the inspection shelf

“I find it very disturbing that a part of my body, and in this case my most sensitive parts, are hanging exposed just a few inches above the excrement. For the life of me, I cannot get over the idea that it's just a few inches away! I know it's my own refuse but what can I do? Every time I am sitting in there, I feel like I have a dozen black ants crawling frenziedly under my veins. It’s just so icky; it makes me quiver and reach goose bump overdrive.”

“There is also another trivial but ubiquitous object I have noticed that can be found inside the Dutch bathroom. I have never been able to grasp the logic of why it's proudly hanging up in there, that is — the birthday calendar.”

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Tags: A closer toilet look (11/2004), Expatica Main, Expatica Netherlands, Netherlands Expat Blog

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