Friday, May 26, 2006

Dutch weather and holiday

Spring, why have you forsaken me? Summer, where are you?

Dutch weather

It’s already been a whole week of depressing wringing-wet 11C by day in the flatlands. How can one have a positive charming disposition with this kind of soppy weather? The week before this, the temperatures were quite high; high enough to make me sweat under my duvets in the morning.

As I have said a bazillion times in this blog, the weather in this country is like a scorned woman having her pre-menstrual syndrome. It spells erratic.

Being a tropical duckling born in the exotic islands, I had always taken the warm and sunny weather for granted, but not until I lived here... in wet, windy, grey and cold Netherlands. I realized that weather can totally influence your activity each day and even your state of mind.

This is probably the reason why there are many suicides in this part of the world. Scandinavia I believe leads the statistics. In Nieuwegein where we used to live, we had 2 neighbors both males who committed suicide... and they all happened during winter between January and February.

Anyway, enough of those dreadful stories.... I just want to rant – because this is all that I can, uh sadly, do.

Dutch holiday

Thursday 25 May is Hemelvaartsdag [Assumption Day] holiday here.

For a country that is known to be by far - the most notorious secular country in the world, the public holiday ruling of Hemelvaartsdag, meaning no work, borders on sarcasm [read: Christianity is a waning sect in Holland]. Or perhaps this is just one of those instituted national conspiracy exploits so the average Dutch can have their fancy little indispensable vacations or hog that much required trip to the woonboulevard [home boulevard]?

The highways were reported to have been besieged with Hemelvaart holidaymakers since Wednesday and the woonboulevards on Thursday were crammed with shoppers.

I am guessing, only half --- or perhaps lesser than half, will go back to work on Friday.

The Dutchman is also back from his 3.5 weeks (darn it, almost a month gone!) business trip. He brought with him some awesome pictures of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Hongkong. I will post a few later.

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