Monday, May 29, 2006

Summer Vacation

The original plan was to spend a week or two in the Brazilian coast for this years summer holiday but the paranoid Dutchman raised a very valid point: the country is currently plagued with social unrest due to the Brazilian crime gang problem in the cities.

I tried using my negotiation tactics, explaining that Brazil is a huge country and that the problem areas are pretty much isolated within the urban districts. We can always elect to keep away from the metropolis and off the beaten tracks, and stay within the coastline and touristy spots perimeter. Still, the Dutchman insisted it is unsafe.

Anyway, I checked the news and indeed there are presently close to 125,000 crime gang members in the country. So, with a heavy heart, I took heed.

Oh well, such a pity. We will just have to wait and do sexy Brazil another time.

So my back-up summer holiday choices: the mythical Greek Cyclades or Dodecanese islands... or the sultry Spanish Balearic islands.

1st foto: One of the Dodecanese islands in Greece. I think this is Rhodes Island.

2nd foto: Mallorca Island in the Spanish Balearics, the biggest island within the group.

Hmm, which is which...?

We have just started checking holiday packages so we still don’t know which island to pick. Looking at the pictures above, the looming task can indeed be difficult.

One thing we do know --- we can’t wait to escape damp and dreary Holland and lose ourselves in wanton holiday enjoyment, and most importantly, leave behind all the cares and current pressures in life... well, at least temporarily.

Ah, hopefully very soon...

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