Sunday, June 11, 2006

Expatica Article: One cookie per tea conspiracy

“Every expatriate who comes into contact with the average Dutch person has experienced this distinctive get-together etiquettes: the flying three kisses – I believe should be renamed to cheek-to-cheek-to-cheek since the lips point to the air anyway and its just the cheek that touches ground; the dragging Dutch birthday party circle – in which if you are Dutch challenged, you must, from time to time, exert effort to clear your throat so people know that you are not programmed to mute; and well, the one cookie conspiracy - served with your tea or coffee.

No one that I know can really explain why friends and relatives greet each other with the flying three kisses and why everyone has to sit in a circle during the compulsory birthday meets. It seems to me that the Dutch themselves have no clue why these peculiar acts have become national institutions, and surprisingly, why they are still adhered to.

Well maybe one day the answer will find me, but today, I am purposely here to report about the one cookie phenomenon, per tea, served at Dutch homes.”

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