Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup 2006: Orange Virus

Due to the WK – Wereld Kampioenschap (Football World Cup), the ancient Dutch virus, just a few centuries old by the way, has struck again!

Oranje (Orange) has plagued the Netherlands and even spread to Leipzig, Germany, where the first round of the Dutch football match against Serbia and Montenegro was held last Sunday. The Netherlands won the game, 1-0.

Some of the houses in our neighborhood are in the Orange feast mood.

Leipzig, Germany, where the cup is held. No cure in sight for the Orange virus. Photo taken from NU.nl website

This Orange virus can be traced back to Prince William I of Oranje, circa 1500s, the prince who fought for independence and lead the revolt against Spain. For centuries, Orange has been the representing color (or symbol perhaps) of the Dutch Royal Family... and so it is now for the Netherlands, especially during international football matches.

For interesting and funny snapshots of the Orange virus, please visit this NU.nl page: Oranjegekte 2006 [Orange Madness 2006]

A few picture samples in the NU.nl Oranjegekte 2006 collection:

Orangific café by Mart van Walsum. Photo title: Het café is al ingepakt, nu de tegenstander

Ride me in Orange by Johan Westra. Photo title: Jetzt Gehts Los!

Father and Son in Orange action. Photo title: Vader en zoon gehuld in Oranje-tenue

Oh dear the sheep have caught the Orange virus as well! By Ruud van der Lubben. Photo title: Schapen van Oranje bij Lelystad

June 2006 during World Cup

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