Saturday, June 10, 2006

A self importance post

... I need it once in a while though today I am feeling a bit blue because I think I have huge flabby arms (signs of old age). I am dreading the summer days; I can’t muster wearing sleeveless yet.

Last weekend I was experimenting with my hair. Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the prettiest hair of them all?

This is my natural hair, nothing done, no combing or brushing... simply natural. In Visayan we call it the “Kalkag look”.

I’m imitating Angelina Jolie by the way but jammer I don’t have her massive puckered up lips.

The blow dry fix, takes minimum 15 minutes express, and 30 minutes if I am in the mood.

I thought that the curly hair is nicer, and well, sexy – says a friend. Maybe I should blow dry less. This would mean less personal chore (or lesser vanity chore) and I’m sure it will also help lower our electricity consumption *snicker*.

TRIVIA: Do you know that a stand-by home appliance, for example, TV (dangerous by the way), computer, and a coffee maker, costs € 50 each minimum for the whole year of electricity bill? Yes - just by plugging them in into the electrical socket, even without using them.

Okay, I’m not really that stingy!

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