Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Silves Castle in Algarve, Portugal

“Silves” in the early times used to be the principal city of Algarve which was under the command of the Moors. It was then called “Xelb” and its inhabitants spoke Arabic and were known to be regal in their ways and elegant .

Nowadays, Silves is famous for its citrus crops and cork factories, as well as for its castle that is visited by thousands of visitors each year. On the hilltop of the town stands the ancient Moorish Silves Castle that can be traced back to 1000 B.C.—huh, so old!

silves castle algarve
silves castle algarve

The castle taken from a short distance.

silves castle algarve

The steps leading to a garden cafe and eventually to the castle seated on the hilltop, and moi posing with the former king of the castle. 

silves castle algarve
silves castle floor plan

The floor plan drawing of the castle.

silves castle algarve

Portuguese flag flying proudly.

silves algarve portugal silves algarve portugal

Beside the castle is an old Gothic-Baroque Cathedral called 'Se Velha' dating back to the 15th century. Just by the entrance to the castle with an unattended cafe terrace.

silves castle algarve

Travel Period: June 2005
Destination: Silves (Algarve), Portugal

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