Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Who says there’s no beach in Utrecht?

Well surprise, there is!

Utrecht being centrally situated in the Netherlands means we do not have a coastline, instead, we have lakes, rivers, canals and man-made beaches.

So for my 36th birthday, the Dutch family, together with the invited family of MadamE spent our Sunday picnicking and lazing around in Henschotermeer, a man-made lake and public beach located near Woudenberg and Maarn in Utrecht.
The merry-go-round in the living room Dutch birthday parties are only reserved for winter, he-he.

First foto: Two guys lost in tete-a-tete

Second Foto: These are the things you do when you become a father

Birthday girl is squinting her eyes and next picture is together with MadamE.

Henschotermeer actually had sand deposits dating back to 1895. After the 2nd World War, development of this inland lake (into a huge public beach project) was carried out. The lake is cleaned every 10 years.

And the Dutch, like the rest of the northern Europeans, love to bake themselves under the hot rays of the sun, until their skin turns into a golden glow, while some come out like sore red tomatoes. The reason: they want to have that most coveted tanned skin.

First foto: Sunbathing, and see that colorful parasol too

Second Foto: Lovers lounging by the busy man-made coast

More pictures of Henschotermeer in my Holland Foto Album.

Having a nicely tanned skin in this part of the world translates to being sexy and healthy. My sister-in-laws often told me that they love my skin color; they surely would love it on themselves. The way I understand it, very white or pale skin, especially if matched with red hair and blotches of freckles spread across the face is supposed to be dull, sickly and ugly.

In Asia, the skin plot is the other way around --- the Asians worry about getting too much sun and what type of whitening soap or cream they must use!

Ah, such is life. Human kind is never contented.

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