Sunday, July 23, 2006

Black... and Big

I have been doing some re-arranging projects at home this weekend. I still have a lot to do actually... but I am lazy, and moody.

My color scheme mix is very basic: earth and metal colors (silver/gold) + black and (off) white. I also have a minimalist inclination, though nothing like a real hardcore minimalist, just a bit. I still like to have a few decorative objects sprawling on top of the tables.

What has been playing in my mind lately though is the color BLACK.

I want to switch my current color scheme towards a prominent black ambience. Uh, quite daring and rebellious, I suppose? I even thought of having black curtains! Oops, hold your breaths, our walls are off-white, so the would-be result of this black makeover should be nothing close to an Adam’s family abode. I just like to come home to a simplistic atmosphere with less maintenance (read: cleaning), less clutter and easy on the eyes --- more monochromatic, more minimalist and urbane.

Psychiatrists say that the color you choose reflects your character and personality. Hmm... I do like green though.

In the meantime, the Dutchman is still trying his best to come to terms with the black lamp. I don’t think he’ll go easy with black curtains though? He’ll probably freak out!

On to other stories...

I have finally succumbed to the Hollywood trend: Nicole Richie’s oversized goggles.

Right, it’s goggles people and not google, lol, okay? The bigger they are, the hotter they should be, says the fashion watchers.

So even though that - (a) I’m more than a decade older than Nicole Richie and (b) Dutchman thinks they are hilariously too big (he really means it), I still thought it would be nice to own one before the summer sunshine ends and the trend is passé. Another good excuse to wear them is --- wear anything that you fancy now before you are too late to wear any because you have just hit old age and would look real stupid on them.

I must admit, with the colossal framed glasses I feel like a mutant bubuyog, a half-human and a half-bug creature.

Anyway, I think they are really nice and chic. Girls and women out there, you should try to get a hold of them this summer. Inside fashion buzzes say, popularity of these oversized spectacles will linger for a while.

PS. To family and friends, my misst2000ph YM lifecycle has come to an end (actually, I forgot my password thus I got locked out, lol), so please e-mail me.

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