Thursday, July 13, 2006

Expatica Articles: Dutch holiday essentials and Orange shocked

“And, when it's a hotel type of holiday with inclusive continental breakfast, the Dutch, and I am not joking, will bring their own supply of morning rituals. ‘Did you just see that?’ whispered the Dutchman, secretly nodding at me to look sideways at the family beside us.

‘Oh wow yes, a block of Gouda cheese that you can only find in Holland!’

Sitting on top of the table a few meters across us was a Ruijter chocoladehagelslag [chocolate sprinkles].

‘Someone brought hagelslag too!’ blurted out the Dutchman, trying hard not to laugh and choke on the bread he was chewing.

I looked further to the balcony and saw two Dutch women - they too have some slices of ham wrapped in paper, obviously bought in a delicatessen in Holland. You don't see these in the Greek islands, at least in the center since most cold cut meats are pre-packed in plastic.

Hmm, is this some form of Dutch ingenuity or are breakfast habits just too hard to break?

After witnessing the awakening hotel breakfast events, the Dutchman sipped his cup of tea, placed it neatly in front of the table and held my small hands. He looked straight into my eyes and slowly let out a deep-gutted sigh, ‘We should have packed the pindakaas [peanut butter].’

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I also forgot to publish in this blog my previous Expatica article, so here it is...

“I learned about this orange phenomenon very early on in my relationship with the Dutchman. In order to locate each other quickly, during one of our airport rendezvous, he told me over the telephone that he would be wearing the Dutch national color, orange.

Uh, what? National color, did he say?

Of course this curious cat further enquired --- Why on earth does the Netherlands have a national color? This got to be the first country I have heard of that has one? And, why such a bold color as orange? Why not the colors of your flag?

The quick answer the Dutchman gave me: Willem van Oranje [William of Orange], the father of the Dutch Royal Family.

Okay, his last name is really Orange?”

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Helaas, the Dutch lost to Portugal in the round of 16, 0-1.

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