Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Holland from above

We are just back from our summer holiday in Kos, the island of Hippocrates, known as the legendary father of medicine. Kos is hailed by historians and travel enthusiasts to be one of the beautiful and historical vacation island oases of the Dodecanese region in Greece.

The weather was extremely hot with temperatures averaging at 35C each day. Fortunately though it was windy. We also sailed over to Turkey and the temperature there was worse --- a scorching 39C welcomed us at the port!

I will later make a travel recap and highlight some of the interesting sights, people and things in the places we visited.

For now, enjoy these air shots of the Netherlands, taken a few minutes before our touchdown at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Dutch farms, somewhere in the north of North Holland province.

So organized, eh?

The Dutch landscape: (amazingly) flat, low, green and swampy.

During spring, flowers planted for bulb production bloom in these open and rectangular fields. Since these fields are located near the airport somewhere in Lisse and Hillegom, most airplanes preparing to land at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport fly over this area. The majestic view from above is like a grand artistic patchwork of embroidered tapestry rendered in a variety of bright colors.

Residential areas from above, notice how orderly the houses are lined up?

Row and duplex houses are the regular types of housing designs in this country. Somewhat like a banal characteristic of the Dutch. I first thought they were boring, but now I got used to seeing them everywhere.

And check those straight lined up trees...

I don’t know how to stress this collinear and parallel tree obsession point in this country but they are just oh sooooo Dutch! Am I the only one who noticed that almost everything here must be aligned and perpendicular to each other or to whatever concept, ruling or common axis it is supposed to hold up to or be mounted on?

Anywho, I have always wanted to take pictures from above but unexpected circumstances in the past lead me not be able to. It is either because of: (a) my flight arrivals in Holland are scheduled during the evening or very early in the morning and (b) the weather is, as always, not cooperating --- grey and cloudy days are very typically Dutch, even during summer.

But, when we got back the other day, it seemed that Van Gogh was in a happy mood and painted a crystal blue Dutch sky. My luck!

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