Friday, July 28, 2006

What digicams can do

Our scanner here at home werkt niet, hij is kapot [doesn’t work, it is damaged] and the Dutchman is too lazy to fix it, so instead of putting up a fight, I made use of my hidden creative talents --- I experimented by capturing some old pictures through our digital camera. I surprisingly found a stack of selected old pictures in our library; I thought all of them were brought down a year ago to the berging [stockroom]? Was I glad they weren’t!

And, walla... the pre-digital days... the results were, although far from perfect - they were not that sharp, they were okay.

Left foto: The Dutch Houses of Parliament in Den Haag [The Hague], the seat of the Dutch government. 2002

Right foto: With the preserved Dutch traditional windmills in Kinderdijk (in the South Holland province). 2002.

Left foto: A “Manila” cafeteria in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain. I just need to take a souvenir picture of this! 2003

Middle foto: Taken in one of the oldest Catholic churches in Bohol island, Philippines. I am not sure though if this is Loon, Baclayon or Loboc church. 2004

Right foto: Gran Via, known for its beautiful architectural designed buildings, is the most popular street of Madrid, the capital of Spain. 2005

Left foto: Sitia bay (if I am not mistaken) in the northeast of Crete, Greece. 2004

Right foto: With the black swan. I just loved how the little (Italian) boy sneaked a look at me, sooo cute. This is in front of the Crystal Palace in Retiro Park, Madrid, Spain. 2005

They turned out fine, didn’t they? I guess I will go down to the berging and start digging up all our old pictures.

See, I thought I was doomed with our kapot scanner, but the digital camera came to the rescue. So sweet.

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