Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Expatica Article: They just don't fit

“Being a size 34-36 with a 158-centimeter figure stretch, is surely a problem in giant populated Dutch land. I rarely find jeans, or any pants for that matter, that fits the length of my lower limbs. If they are short pants, they would look like I’m wearing the Bermuda length. If they are Bermuda short pants, they would look like I'm wearing Capri pants. If they are Capri pants, they would look like full-length pants on me. Only thing is, the cut doesn't look right.

Such trouble, these pants just do not fit me - lengthwise!

Buying jeans in this country, for midgets like me, is down right demoralising. These are the times when I desperately wish to be at least 5 centimetres longer.”

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