Friday, October 20, 2006

Expatica Article: Birthday walks in the autumn forest

“Without a doubt, when I came back from my business trip Saturday evening, the Dutchman announced that tomorrow Sunday we are going to the Kaapse Bossen [in English, Cape Forests] for his sister’s birthday bash. The Kaapse Bossen is located in the south of Utrecht province, between Doorn and Maarn.

Ah, the news echoed like a beautiful song in my ears...

I love walking in the fresh autumn forest. Many Dutch nature parks have a sundry of walking routes. I love feeling the abundant fallen leaves, now in hues of bright yellows and oranges, while they make squishy noises beneath my feet. I love harvesting nuts from the forest floor. Picking interesting looking twigs and leaves too and putting them into my basket for accessory alibis that I can later use in decorating the home. I love looking out for uniquely shaped and colorful mushrooms to photograph. Oh, I love the silence. It’s like a gentle melody that calmly soothes and caresses our stressed earthly system.”

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Some of the fotos I took last Sunday:

The front yard of the statehouse, once a castle and a coach house built between 1901 to 1903 - Het Maarten Maartenshuis (now a training-conference center) in the Kaapse Bossen, Nationaal Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug where we sat down and enjoyed our delicious tarts and warm coffee.

Rose colored mushrooms and me with my native grass basket.

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