Saturday, December 30, 2006

Random thoughts

There are so many lucid thoughts crowding inside my head right now that I would love to write about. And I mean write in this blog. WARNING, LONG POST AHEAD (as usual, lol).

Like, what am I actually thinking right now?

Hmm, let’s see... at this very moment, I am thinking about work. Yeah. Seriously.

As the clock ticks away slowly, the amount of work next week waiting for me just keeps piling up. Quite amazing, the rest of the world is actually still working?! *gasp*

The emails just came pouring in non-stop during the holidays. I know. I should have punched myself for checking them religiously. What can I do, I can’t help it. I have a disorder. I must take a peek into my inbox, ARGH. Can you relate? I told myself to keep my hands off from the ‘reply’ tab and get back to them emails on January 2.

I have also booked my flight to the US for work next year. Wait, let me correct that, next year is next month. No, next week! Oh my, time does fly so fast these days; it just seemed like yesterday was June, when it was my birthday. Another year to add; I am so truly getting old.

Will my Dutch mobile phone work in the US? I don’t even know if this is a tri-band phone?

And, there’s the crazy weather I am wondering about.

Mother Nature has been acting really strange lately. How can this be possible - temperatures above 10C during the day in December? The forecast seems to be worse.

What’s going to happen to our scheduled winter sport holiday in Austria?

There’s very little snow in the Alps right now. It was just on the Dutch news tonight that the ski resorts are not happy at all. They are panicking, and are now on their knees bowing frantically towards the horizon and chanting the promise of snow. I also received an email from an American blog acquaintance living in Austria that it has been a green Christmas there.

Where have all the snow gone anyway?

Dutchman kept saying, soon, soon, we will book our ski trip. He has been quite busy actually, surfing the internet for ski resorts and chalets, but truthfully, he is just waiting for the right timing. A last minute booking-trip when the snow falls. The daunting question: Will it ever fall?

Although I haven’t filed my vacation leave for this ski trip just yet, my boss knows about it.

I am thinking about tomorrow too.

Dutchman and I are going to Arnhem. I am looking forward to some Dutch cultural year-end immersion. The unfortunate Dutchman loathed the idea of another Dutch civilizing event. Poor him, since the let down last week with the German Christmas Markets, he is left without a choice. This is what I call ‘compensation time’.

For those of you who don’t know where Arnhem is, it is located in the east of the Netherlands, nearby the German border.

I hope we wake up early tomorrow though.

The sun shone by the way today. The Dutchman was flipped over when he came into the living room and saw the glaring light and the clear blue skies outside the window. He demanded why I didn’t wake him up early? Eh, huh? Like as if he is the easiest person to wake up. I would need a full bucket of cold water.

I’ve been meaning to try some appelbol [apple ball] earlier of the day too. That’s why after we did the grocery shopping, I invited the Dutchman to go to the Centrum and have tea at Graaf Floris Café in the Vismarkt area near the Dom Church.

When we arrived the place was full. There were a couple of people waiting before us too. The waitress, although being polite, couldn’t give us a reassurance of a table being freed in 5 minutes. Helaas then... We slowly retreated outside, walking towards the Oudegracht, to our normal hang-out, the Le Café Journal by the Neude Square.

My taste buds are still aching for some appelbol.

I also thought about the subject of dying --- I know... that it’s a morbid thought. You’d say, why would someone actually think about this?

The fact remains that, people actually do. People think about death. They think and wonder about dying. Perhaps, people just don’t talk about it. Like it’s all that taboo.

A few days ago, I had this discussion on the net with an old classmate from university who is now living in Perth, Australia. She is divorced with a son and is truly enjoying her single life. Nothing exaggerated; she is very mucho enjoying, wanton and all. She’s dating men and if you check out her picture, you would conclude without thinking twice that she can date any man she wants. She reads this blog by the way.

Well, Miss Oz said she doesn’t see herself getting old. So why would she worry about pension. We had a discussion going about pension and other types of getting old benefits; the kind of discussion when middle aged people are suddenly hit hard with reality. They wake up from their deep slumber and learned to deal with life’s vicious cycle of uncertainties.

I told her that if she doesn’t arrange her own personal pension plan and set aside some savings, the pension the government will be giving her monthly after the age of 65 would be nothing. She will live a very basic life; a basic life that would equal to poverty.

But, right. Why would she have to worry when she thinks she will die young?

I don’t know though. The thought of her dying young sends shivers down my spine? But I applaud her readiness to face death and her contentment in life.

Speaking of which --- Saddam Hussein will be put to death in a few hours.

I thought that the best verdict for someone like him is ‘life sentence’ in jail. Let him rot behind the bars. With that, he is faced and tormented daily by his failures, and at the depth of his fall.

The other night, Dutchman and I were talking about how astronomically huge the universe is. We sat there in our leather sofa, in silence and looked straight ahead, past through the large windows, and into the dark glittering night.

“We are nothing but a speck of dust in the dark universe”, he said.

On the other hand, I wondered about how tourism on earth will be like in a 100 years.

The last 100 years was man’s greatest pride. What took men days, weeks and years to reach the other side of the world - we now, can reach in less than a day. It makes me wonder if 100 years from now... instead of airports, are we going to have ‘space(shuttle)ports’ to other planets?

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