Monday, January 15, 2007

Appelbol: A typical lowland treat

The appelbol is a warm sweet pastry in the Netherlands and Belgium eaten as an afternoon leisure snack, and even for lunch during winter.

I don’t know why, I am not the sweet-tooth type but I have been hankering for this scrumptious pastry for weeks already. Sometimes my taste buds just go funky, berserk I say, during that certain time of the month. So without further delay, the understanding and obedient Dutchman treated me yesterday Sunday to an appelbol in Utrecht Centrum at Graaf Floris Cafe by the Vismarkt, where you can find the best (lekkerste!) appelbol in the Netherlands.

The cozy interior of Graaf Floris Cafe; it was timing I brought my camera with me, but I didn’t take this foto though, Dutchman did.

They also have a big table with magazines and newspapers but it’s nothing compared to what Café Le Journal can offer though, more selections and of course a much bigger table.

The Dutch parents themselves are loyal patrons of this charming with period style furnitures café. Their names would probably been engraved under the tables! Whenever they are in town, it is a tradition for them to visit Graaf Floris Cafe for coffee or tea and some warm appelbol. The chic Dutch mother once brought me here after we had an afternoon of shopping. Of course, we had appelbol too with our tea.

Appelbol (I could not get a nicer foto, my hands weren’t steady enough) and tea goes great together for an afternoon snack - something you should not miss when in the Netherlands during winter.

A simplified preparation and baking process summary:

The whole apple is peeled and holed in the middle where the sweet apple syrup (some have different variations of the syrup I believe) is locked in. The apple is then coated with a bread pastry and sprinkled with powder cinnamon and thick crystal sugar. Put in the oven for half an hour and the mouthwatering appelbol is ready!

My favorite part of the appelbol is the crispy pastry top - flaky melted sugar crystals flavored in cinnamon.

When in Utrecht, never miss an appelbol treat in Graaf Floris. I may be wrong, but I think the appelbol in Graaf Floris is available all throughout the year? They did not pay me to write this up though, I am just a happy and satisfied customer ;-)

Appelbol is “apple ball” in English.

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