Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Monday breather in Woerden (Netherlands)

Last week, I had been feeling like I a half-functioning android. Waking up every single morning for the whole week with a heavy load on my head, it was as if someone by chance dumped a sack of amphetamines in my morning coffee. Every ounce of energy in my body has left me. Argh! I was tired, very tired --- I am just so overworked. A week long holiday to recharge myself is what I need. But for now, a long weekend will suffice.

I can’t stress this enough but it is true that working with your brains is more taxing than working with your hands. Physical work can get you physically tired but work that requires thinking gets you, not just mentally worn-out but alas, physically too.

Writing though is therapeutic. This is primarily the reason why I maintained this blog. I may not write very personal nature about my life in here but keeping this helps release a part of my active mind. That’s why I always say – I blog for myself.

Nevertheless, last weekend, we didn’t do much (I was tired and so was the Dutchman), except for the usual house chores routine suspects and watching, “The Good Shepherd” movie in Oudegracht, Utrecht. I would give the movie a 4.5 stars rating from a 5. Indeed, a very captivating movie that I would recommend to everyone. Intelligence and spy films have always been my favorites anyway.

Then come Sunday evening, while going through the “Het top punt van Nederland” book, looking for a place to go to the next day, Monday for my day off (two days in the weekend is not enough(!) and I am extremely dead tired; all I wanted to do on a Monday is unwind, do nothing, or maybe, go visit another town?), an idea hit me. I closed the book and laid it down on the table. I told the Dutchman --- I am going to Woerden.

The Petrus Church (Petruskerk) was built in 1372 and construction-expansions never stopped until 1509. The old Stadhuis (City Hall) is now the stadsmuseum (City Museum of Woerden) goes back to 1501. 

The Roman Catholic Bonaventurakerk (Bonaventura Church) built in the late 1800. The “Windhond” windmill in Woerden, anno 1755. A literal translation of windhond is wind dog.

There is actually no mention of Woerden in the “Het top punt van Nederland”. The book generally suggests attractions in the Netherlands that can only be enjoyed all throughout the year except winter – which is quite useless for now really. When I was with my previous employer, I always pass by the Woerden area but never had the chance to see the town center. And since it’s quite near to Utrecht, the idea triggered my itching feet. Kortum, last Monday, I visited.

It was a relaxing experience I must say. Not doing anything for a whole day was a nice change, rather a welcoming change. Walking around, looking at nice architecture, window shopping (meaning, looking through the window shops, lol), sitting by a café, chilling out, drinking a cup of coffee and eating a piece of apple tart while watching people go by, was just perfect for a somewhat lazy and gloomy Monday.

Here is a typical narrative I often hear from many individuals. They say that if they stopped working, they would be lost. Because they were so used to working, they would not know a single thing to do with their lives. Well, for me, I definitely know what to do! Part of my -what to do list- is DOING NOTHING, lol. Au contraire eh? But life is a paradox anyway...

A friend of mine once told me - You really know how to enjoy yourself alone. Which is true and which is what I would suggest everyone should try to do (for the most part of living), once in a while.

Dutchman got envious and announced that he is also taking the Monday off with me. Hah!

Such a pity, I would need another 25-30 years before I can truly retire, maybe if I do good, 15 years. My only surviving hope is when the Dutchman wins the lotto.

Visit Period: May 2007
Destination: Woerden (Utrecht), The Netherlands

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