Friday, February 23, 2007

NYC and Me: Ground Zero, Subway and the Financial District

I did not really went around the Financial District. It was enough to see the tall buildings.

And speaking of 911, I went to visit the Ground Zero, which up to this day is a large hole of a construction site. By the WTC Subway entrance stood a 911 wall memorabilia filled with blown up pictures of the tragic event. 5 years has passed and people are still brought back to tears when they see the horrific images. Perhaps these people knew someone in the 2 towers that didn’t survive.

I didn’t stay long. It was quite a disheartening scene to see people crying.

Across the WTC site is this Century 21 department store selling signature clothes at knock-down prices. They sell past season’s clothes at 50%-70% off from the original price. It’s a massive place. If you are one hell of a shopper, bargain hunter and someone who will take time scouring through garbage-full of items, then this is indeed the place for you. Unfortunately I didn’t see anything there that I really liked. I did buy something for the Dutchman.

It was getting late already and I didn’t want to walk back to Times Square where my hotel is located so I decided to take the Subway which is old and honestly, decaying. The Subway definitely need a revamp, majorly and there needs to be a lift and an escalator as well. I wonder how old travellers tow their luggage and the sick and invalid can survive with the stairs?

TIP: Value for your money in experiencing the Subway, buy the $7 Metro card with unlimited rides for a whole day. The price for a one-way Subway ride is $2, so the Metro card is indeed a steal. You can easily buy this through the ticket vending machines in the Subways.

Next, Central Park and more of 5th Avenue

Travel Period: February 2007

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