Friday, May 04, 2007

London Ads

So I was in London a few days ago for work and could not help but take notice of these two quite striking advertisements:

British Heart Foundation street ad near Earls Court in Kensington.

England is trying to be healthy now. I can pretty much understand since more and more Brits are becoming fat, especially with the young generation. But seriously though, if you just look closely at the hard butt and the lean legs of this man on the advert, without glancing at the woman he is embracing with and of course his face, you would think this butt and legs belongs to a young stud! =)

Grolsch Beer ad in Angel Tube near Islington.

This ad is sort of a laugh, a twist, a play of words and theme, for the infamous Amsterdam’s “Red Light District” and Eindhoven’s “Philips Light Bulbs”. As you can see, Grolsch is a Dutch beer brand from Enschede. Dutchman however argues with my Philips theory and says I am just seeing things, lol.

(By the way, Heineken, Grolsch, and Bavaria, all Dutch beers, were fined by the European Commission recently for their alleged beer-cartel pricing during the years 1996-1999. The fine is said to be 10% of their profit – definitely to the tune of millions of euros!)

Also, at Schiphol International Airport underground train station, they have this new monstrous and long horizontal series of ads, spanning the whole stretch of the platform of 3 women happily clad in their colorful underwear. This very eye-catching ad, yeah it really makes you stop on your heels and ogle for a few minutes, belongs to Dove, a brand of Unilever. I sat down on the bench waiting for my train to take me home and watched everyone on the platform. Strangely, the women seemed to be more fascinated with the 3 half naked ladies in the advert than the men.

Hmmm, why???

Well, the advert was pictures of 3 normal women, who do not have supermodel bodies and faces. They have love handles in their tummies; they have bigger sizes, and healthier legs too.

I wish I have taken a picture of the advert but at almost 12 midnight (Easyjet had an almost 2 hours delay!!! – this should warrant an entry in this blog) and not feeling well (I’m on sick leave now actually, but the storm is over - I think, so I’m popping in for work later) it was the last thing on my mind. I just wanted to go home, sleep, and see the doctor the next day.

Travel Period: May 2007
Destination: Kensington | Islington (London - England), United Kingdom

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