Friday, May 11, 2007

A “reality sucks” rambling

Have you been sick but still managed to drag your heroine self to work?

Have you been on-the-road, out of the country, and unwell?

Have you been stressed without others and even you knowing it, until someone who knows you better, in and out (your mother who else), tells you -- Quit the act, you are stressed!

Have you been stressed and sick at the same time, you can’t simply distinguish which is which?

Have you ever been told -- Do not be a perfectionist?

Have you ever felt bad that summer is fast approaching and knowing that stepping into that sexy bikini would mean tragedy?

Have you ever felt so much discomfort that you now notice the burgeoning layers of fat curls in your abdomen?

Have you ever tried of dieting but just can’t control stuffing yourself?

Have you ever been in a situation where you must be on diet not for vanity’s sake?

Have you ever looked yourself honestly in the mirror and seeing how much you have aged, you don’t recognize yourself anymore?

Have you ever thought 30’s is the prime top-of-the-world age and only realizing that it won’t stop counting to 40?

Have you ever woken up without an alarm clock during weekdays?

Have you ever dreamt of winning the lotto so you can escape the corporate rat race?

Have you ever dreamt of retiring at 45? Or even at 50?

Have you ever wished of not doing anything for a change?

Today, I had a quick chat with someone who was very, very, stressed, confused, lost, lonely, angry, humiliated, unappreciated, threatened, depressed - name it, she has it. While looking at her dejected face and abandoned spirit, my heart was crushed. I could see behind the thin eyeglasses she was wearing tears gathering and about to roll out from the corner of her eyes. She held them back.

Listening to her story I realized how uncomplicated many of our lives really are. We ramble about nonsensical matters while others truly suffer.

Maybe I take her out one weekend before she finally leaves the country. I’m not good with empathy, but who knows... I can always try.

On other news, the Eurovision Song Festival never failed to fail me. I don’t think I have a very high standard taste in music but words just escape me tonight. It’s like watching Tony Blair’s moving adieu speech earlier on the news.

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