Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Here’s the 2e Pinksterdag roadtrip on a grey and drizzly Monday -- We drove up to the north and visited a couple of villages. While I get the pictures ready, have a look first at the short videos we made.

The man-made dijk (dike) highway connecting Enkhuizen (North Holland) and Lelystad (Flevoland). It takes approximately 30 minutes to crossover. We came from the Enkhuizen side. On the right is the Markermeer (Marker lake) and on the left is IJsselmeer (IJssel lake), both used to be part, a massive inlet, of the Waddenzee (Wadden sea).

I love the music though - which became a hit only when Royal Club Tonic used the song for its TV commercial.

The Nuon (energy company) modern windmills in the A6 highway in Flevoland. These windmills provide electricity to the Flevoland province.

If the video gets boring, although I love the blue skies (almost 10PM on the watch when Dutchman took this), just listen to the cool background music - soothing and therapeutic.

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