Monday, June 25, 2007

Cold summer spells in Heusden

It has been a roller coaster of cold-gloomy-rainy and warm-sunny-dry summer lately. There are days that make you go, aaahhhhhhh..., and obviously, there are other days that make you grunt ggggrrrrrrrr! Nothing surprising really as this is the cross we bear living in swampland with a weather as moody as a woman heavily medicated because of PMS. I hope tomorrow would turn out bright and sunny though.

On the other hand, I can’t wait for us to fly to South East Asia for our summer vacation. A few more sleeps and I’m out of this cold and drizzly summer spell.

Enchanting and beautifully shaped fortress like a flower, the town Heusden in North Brabant.

As it is, this weekend was not an exemption. It was raining all afternoon this Sunday and cold too. Shall I say it was very tempting to stay put inside the house, be lazy, sit all day in front of the laptop and TV, and eat heaps of those forbidden evil fatty foods. Hah, I know all of us are guilty! My waistline has been screaming to my face - STOP. Why is it that many people I know are on to some kind of remarkable diet nowadays? Remarkable because their tummies have been flattened, yeah just after a few weeks of diet control, which should have persuaded me to follow suit, right?

Anyways, I braved myself and told Dutchman to get his behind up and running because we are going to Heusden. I won’t let this crap weather dictate my already dismal weekend. No way.

“Leusden, you said?”

“No, Hhhhheusden - with an H.”

“Where is that?” (not really looking forward to my Holland Tours, lol)

“It’s in North Brabant, near s’Hertogenbosh, so get going!”

We both got rained down because we forgot to bring the umbrella. How very smart of us, ha-ha. Nevertheless, it was not as bad as I have expected.

The highlight of this Heusden trip was the bitterballen (dipped in creamy mustard sauce) at this Hotel-Restaurant in den Verdwaalde Koogel (in Vismarkt by the haven). I don’t think I have ever tasted anything like these bitterballen before! It surely was the best as I found myself craving for more. There goes our diet...

Heusden Town Centrum and a gevelsteen that is usually found on top of the doors..

Heusden Centrum and the Heusden flag.

An old brievenbus (mailbox) I found in the corner of the main shopping street, Hoogstraat... and the pretty stadshaven (city harbor), full of yachts.

Eetcafehavenzicht is the name of this cafe-restaurant which means: a cafe-restaurant with a harbor view. On the right are the delectable bitterballen, a traditional Dutch finger food eaten over a borrel (drinks, in most cases alcoholic drinks).

More fotos in the haven.

Here are more fotos I took of charming Heusden (they would have been prettier if it was dry, no dreary clouds, and the sun shone!): FOTOS of HEUSDEN
How to get to Heusden? It is about 45 minutes from Utrecht by car, which would be 1.10 hours if coming from Amsterdam. I doubt though if its easy to get here by public transport but here are some useful information about this idyllic town:
Tourism in Heusden, Windmills in Heusden

Visit Period: June 2007
Destination: Heusden (North Brabant), The Netherlands

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