Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bridges on A27

For a change of scenery, fasten your seatbelt and let me take you to a little drive down the highways of the Netherlands and through its bridges. These two bridges on A27 highway, heading towards the south of the country, were taken last weekend during our Baarle trip. They are small-to-medium size bridges and are quite interesting in design.

The Merwedebrug [Merwede Bridge] in Gorinchem. Check out the hanging lights on the sides.

The Keizersveerbrug [Keizersveer Bridge] between Gorinchem and Breda. I call this the box bridge.

Up and coming this weekend: The kick-off of the verjaardag seizoen [birthday season] in my Dutch family. The brother in law starts the countdown with a non-traditional Dutch birthday celebration. In an organic pannenkoekenhuis boerderij [pancakehouse in a farm] in the south of the country. Cool.

There is also a promise of a lovely stroll in the nearby forest. Ah nice indeed. I am so very looking forward to this family birthday feast get-together. What else is new, I will for sure be taking pictures ;-)

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