Thursday, September 13, 2007

Discovering my bathroom and Schiphol

Discovering my bathroom

It’s been two full weeks since I toiled and labored for our bathroom. With all the clinging undetected stains and icky grime, I scrubbed and wiped judiciously every inch of them filth away. On the tub, sink, shower cubicle, walls, and just about everywhere. So after my grueling bathroom performance I felt high and mighty -- shhh, this is the first time in my life I could remember sweating out a house job.

Now, let me tell you partly why...

I did a hell of a job! It merits a foto shoot ;-)

The bathroom and toilet is, and has always been, the Dutchman’s official domain of house chores responsibility. Two weeks ago -well on that day, he vacuumed our whole place (which is also part of his house chores activities - am I a very lucky woman or what???) so I thought maybe I’d help out a bit. I’m not really into slavery at home, lol, so helping out was just the right thing to do. The bathroom was it.

And the result – walla - the overall sleekness and the sparkly look had a long lasting impression on me. It was so pleasing to the eyes I could not muster an ounce of courage to put my accumulated mountains of toiletries back in there again, which, as Dutchman insists are mostly rubbish anyway. So they are now all piled up on top of each other outside the bathroom door that leads to the master bedroom.

Right, two full weeks like this, with nothing in my bathroom. Kind of weird, but honestly, I quite like it.

Discovering Schiphol

It just hit me last Sunday that I can actually shop (a) during weekends (b) late hours until 10, and everyday in the Netherlands -- in Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport!

Moi, in the departure lounge of Schiphol having coffee in a cafe with Dutchman while we wait for his flight - how do you like my polka dot scarf? Next foto, is an old shoot of Schiphol taken almost 2 years ago.

This opportunity never really dawned on me before, maybe because I am so used to shops closed on Sundays, and during the week, shops are only open until 5PM. Being an established and accomplished lazy butt on Saturdays and getting off daily from work at 6PM, this shopping chore proved to be a real big burden - I shy away from checking window displays on what’s “new”, “hot”, and “in” nowadays. However though, I have learned to employ some work-around techniques and fit in my consumer lifestyle around this tight schedule. And although shops in the airport are limited, it will for sure help assist those last-minute and emergency buying needs.

Okay, much has been said and not done (ha-ha) about this shopping topic, I marched out of the airport lobby last Sunday with 3 shopping bags, and, with no shopping guilt!

When I arrived at the parking level, I inserted the parking ticket into this metal standing parking machine. My eyes grew to a baseball size upon seeing the total tariff - almost €15.00 for 3+ hours parking!?

I felt robbed.

Later that evening I consoled myself with my precious purchases. Since I seldom go out shopping, it was easy to justify and let go of the €15.00

In the meantime I could vividly visualize Dutchman’s blonde eyebrows meeting each other and turning into a creepy uni-brow. The equally malicious scowl displayed on his mouth completed the whole disapproving look -- Ah, too bad it’s not his money.

Lesson for this week: (to the tune of Destiny’s Childs “Independent Woman”) Men, hands off our purchases!

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