Monday, September 24, 2007

Heerlijkheid Mariënwaerdt in Beesd

This is not the first time I have been to this halcyon of a place: Heerlijkheid Marienwaerdt (in Beesd, Geldermalsen), a divine and pastoral nature’s park where one can truly reflect and enjoy what quality life is all about.

A couple of years ago we were here with the whole Dutch family celebrating the birthday of my other Dutch brother-in-law. We had a little picnic in the woods and did a walking route whilst picking chestnuts and castanas along the way.

To check out this remarkable place, please go to their official website: Heerlijkheid Mariënwaerdt (in Dutch)

De Stapel(b)akker pancake house. The sun was out; beautiful weather it was. We had light lunch here with coffee, tea, and tart.

My organic tea and a souvenir foto of the Dutch sister’s chic and classic red Volvo before she finally says bye to her (jammer but she’s retiring her soon... and perhaps display her in a museum, ha-ha, rightly so!).

Feast for the connoisseur culinaire zealots: De Landgoedwinkel - this is the organic delicatessen shop in Marienwaerdt. Every food and drink they sell here is organic. They even have organic wines.

Heerlijkheid Marienwaerdt is a naturist’s paradise!

In this wonderful place, you can find rich history, the protected Marienwaerdt monument manor house, horse stables, fields of organic farms, a lovely organic delicatessen shop selling products only produced from the land, an old monastery, a delightful pancake house, rental houses, stables, and courtyards for business, parties and weddings, a cozy bed & breakfast, walking-running and cycling paths, a relatively big forest, and a calm river.

Walnut picking in Notenlaan, Marienwaerdt. Oh look, I found my first walnut!

Directional signs in Marienwaerdt. There were many people taking a break along the river and enjoying the warm weather.


Check out this short clip of a hyperactive black dog swimming in the river and playing throw-the-stick with his master.

Heerlijkheid Marienwaerdt organizes two large events yearly. These are: (1) Kerstfair (Christmas Fair - might check out this one) and (2) Landgoed Fair (Countryside Fair). There are also enriching activities such as cooking and theme workshops. Concerts are also held here. Other than that, there is plentiful variety of diversions, i.e., bird watching, Nordic walking, boating-canoeing and walnut-castanas picking.

Dutchman and I had a walk through the fields and woods. I think we walked more than 5 kilometers. Later that afternoon we arrived home and dropped to our bed exhausted, lol. Just shows we need more exercise!

They also sell organic ice cream in the monastery area. I ordered bosbes [bilberry], one of the best ice cream I ever had.

There was also a travel bureau holding an open house that day. Their travel theme offering was all about winter - a winter vacation up north in Norway, Iceland, Alaska, and Canada. In the huts beside the session area where they held the educational winter travel video tour (with a huge white screen and all that), people were selling clothes and distinct souvenir items from these cold northern countries.

This old red “Porsche” diesel tractor should be a collector’s item in a museum! Cycling through Marienwaerdt is one very popular activity by the locals visiting the place.

Anywho, I’m definitely going back again to check their organic delicatessen shop called - De Landgoedwinkel. Lots of luscious goodies there, and although a bit pricey, one cannot argue with nature’s pure touch and quality.

All fotos can be found here: Heerlijkheid Marienwaerdt, Beesd, The Netherlands

All in all, it was a nice non-traditional Dutch birthday party and surprisingly a beautiful warm Sunday too.

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