Monday, September 03, 2007

Rijksmuseum Muiderslot and Muiden

I finally made it to Muiden! Dutchman was teasing me that our weekend was a grand and marvelous [insert sarcasm here] one. With all the culture, history, art and architecture we absorbed in the little village of Muiden, nothing could have been so much better.

Actually, Dutchman refused to go with me in to the castle. He is, as written and published many times in this blog, per culture, art, and history pursuits totally overdosed – blanched – ad nauseam – defunct. His brains will malfunction if you show him pictures of bewitching architectural masterpieces.

The Muiderslot in Muiden, constructed in 1280 by Graaf Floris V. The writer Pieter Cornelisz. (PC) Hooft also lived here during the Golden Ages (17th century).

What to do? What can you actually do if you grew up in a country and continent with breathtaking castles, mystical ruins, and amazing works of art and architecture still standing tall? Answer: you get used to them and sometimes take them for granted. Dutchman said – If you have seen one, you have seen everything. Now mister, let me prove you wrong! Join me!

Anyway, hoping to lure him to come with me inside the castle, I bargained and said I will pay for his entrance fee - I know; a measly €8.50 (you pay additional €2.50 for the tour), ha-ha, but all the more he strongly resisted, his jaw dropping and making faces as if he is about to barf. Good lord, tell me how can a beautiful castle be so sickening?!!!

The inner courtyard of Muiderslot (not many people huh, this was around 5PM); a doorway leading to the courtyard; and routes.

Sigh - I guess the fact that he went to Muiden with me and waited for 1.5 hours outside the castle (he must be sooo bored, lol) is enough to show how serious he is in compromising with my wants. Like what I always say, with my Dutch and European (not including South Europe) escapades, I always win against the Dutchman ;-)

Muiden cafe terraces, and I just realized that those three women in the 2nd foto, I went with during the castle tour.

Check my own pictures here: Muiderslot and Muiden

Rijksmuseum Muiderslot (the Muider Castle) website, in Dutch: Rijksmuseum Muiderslot

Muidenvesting tourism website, in Dutch: Beleef Muiden (Experience Muiden)

In the little town center, you can see a series of sluizen (water gates) over a bridge that opens up for water traffic. Below are some interesting shoots of the bridge and water gates unlocking for passing boats. Instead of opening the traditional Dutch way which is upwards, this bridge opens up sideways. Check out the 3 videos I took:


The bridge opens sideways and boats pass by. See also the sluis [water gate] close. The Netherlands has many of them situated literally all over the country.


After the boats have passed, see again the bridge going back to its original position while us pedestrians wait.


The bell rings and the gates open! It is now safe to cross the bridge.

Muiden is an ideal 1-day weekend getaway. Combine the trip to the Muider Castle with a lunch in one of the open-air café terraces by Muidens little town center, and a boat trip to the small military island called Pampus, spells perfect!

This little village is part of the North Holland province, just a few minutes away from Amsterdam Center. Easily reachable by public transport, car, and even by bike (from Amsterdam).

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