Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ola Barcelona!

In Barcelona right now and I have been sooooooo busy and totally knackered. Help! My feet are killing me!

A far away view of Barcelona, the capital of the Catalan province in northeast Spain. Foto taken from the airplane before landing.

In the Metro trying to find the train that goes to Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I where I am staying for the week.

It’s been all work and no play and I haven’t seen much of the cultural part of the city yet but in the weekend I will. Other than that, the weather is good, pretty much consistent at a mild 16C by day (7C by night) compared to 6C in Holland by day (and freezing point in the evening).

The beautiful atrium lobby and interior of Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I. The glass walls are amazing in the evening because they glitter from the light reflection. This foto was taken inside, and from the vantage point of the glass capsule lift (while going up to my room which is adorable by the way).

My room at Hotel Rey Juan Carlos. Big enough for me.

Our group had dinner in this restaurant (sorry forgot the name) along La Ramblas. One of my colleagues swear this is a great place, and well, the food was indeed yummy. Very creative, love their utensil chandelier or curtain, whatever =)

I will post stories and fotos of lively Barcelona sometime next week when I am back in the Netherlands after recuperating from walking around in high heels.

Have a great weekend everyone! Adios for now ;-)

Travel Period: November 2007
Destination: Barcelona (Catalonia), Spain

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