Thursday, November 08, 2007

Work to live

With the Euro always on a fresh high (appears to be a weekly thing now) against the weak US Dollar, and wild speculations seeping through the market that the €uro will reach to an imminent $1.50 exchange, I am on the brink of temptation to book a flight to SFO and LAS! Like, I will be totally reckless. Drop whatever I am doing, and succumb to my spending urges, quest for travel, and ultimate relaxation. Woohoo, a 2-week holiday in the US. It will be cheap for me there ;-)

Anyway, the other day, I started checking flights online, Amsterdam - San Francisco - Las Vegas - Amsterdam and they came out between €450 and €600 in December. Not sure if that is a reasonable price but nevertheless San Francisco and Las Vegas will for sure be warmer and sunnier than Holland. A much better place to be.

However, *pulling myself back to reality*, my big problem right now is ‘Time’, which is not a surprise really.

Closing the year is not always, and never has been, an easy walk in the park. Hormones are flying up in the air – although I have always thought mine were a clandestine testosterone operation. Well, this is not about the high adrenalin pump. Stress levels go up, and they come in different flavors and variations, and from different, sometimes confusing, directions - with an ‘s’.
I can’t just easily take time off.

Even the romantic weekend castle getaway in France for our 7 years anniversary will have to take a backseat as the equally busy Dutchman is traveling every week, and stuck with loads of work up to his neck, he is having difficulty breathing.

Sigh. I/we really need a long vacation, sooo bad.

Speaking of stress, personally, I think I have a high level of stress tolerance. Might be a gift, but I have the ability to switch (on and) off and shield myself from pressure. I don’t bring work-related stress at home, I don’t take things personally - life is too short, I am not easily offended, I don’t kiss ass, I am straightforward, I am not emotional, and most importantly, I leave work at work.
My laptop at work is left under my drawer, well, not all the time but most of the times.

Additionally, I dearly subscribe to the so-called ‘lazy’ and ‘selfish’ European mentality and lifestyle, which as a matter of fact many foreigners contemptibly point out as amazingly [insert any negative adjective you fancy here] work ethic, but oftentimes leave them bewildered and wanting for more, lol – WORK TO LIVE. The irony lives!

If I find myself with millions of Euros (Dutchman please hurry win the lotto, do you hear me?), I would be happy and content to retire at this age. I know exactly what to do: Do nothing.

There was a recent survey carried out here in the Netherlands about happiness that I chanced upon. That people who are retired are happier than when they were working.

Hmm, that’s a kilo of wisdom in there.

Next week I will be somewhere nice and vibrant for work and I will try to catch some rest and relaxation in between, perhaps indulge in a nature trip or a lovely spa to royally pamper me.

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