Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Austrian Alps Reminiscing: Dreaming of a white Dutch Christmas

I am not religious. I do not believe in religion or a god. But I like to go along with the flow and cheer with everyone the yuletide season. Largely for the real meaning behind the festivities before the spiritually and politically correct religious institutions took control and indoctrinated the once trusting society. Well anyway, let’s celebrate the end of the year!

I really miss snow now. The foto above was taken almost 2 years ago (January 2006 trip) during our winter sports vacation in the Austrian Alps.

We are going again to the Alps this winter 2008 to ski and snowboard, but firstly, I want some snow before the year ends. Like next week. Perhaps on Christmas - pick a day - 25 December, first day of Christmas or 26 December, second day of Christmas. Yeah, we have 2 Christmas days in this part of the globe. But I will not mind if it snows on the 27th really. Or even on the 28th.

Yesterday was a -1C when I went out for lunch. I was a thickly wrapped bundle and the cold wind slapping my face brought me to a halt - the wind sucked out my breath! Outside right now I think it's -5C. The wind makes it very, very chilly. In the mornings the grounds are covered with a flimsy sheath of white frost. I spend an extra 5 minutes now defrosting my car before going to work as the windshield and windows are

Up north in Friesland, some of the lakes were already frozen and announcements were made to hold an ice skating marathon, but helaas, no snow, just yet.

Please snow, come very soon. The holiday season is not perfect without you.

UPDATE: It snowed last Thursday the 20th and today as well the 21st!

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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