Sunday, March 01, 2009

Czeching the Jewish ghetto: Ceremonial Hall and Klausen Synagogue

The next stop is the Ceremonial Hall and the Klausen Synagogue.

The Ceremonial Hall.

In the building they have an exhibit called, “Jewish Customs and Traditions”. I am not familiar with the Jewish community or anything Jewish for that matter so that got me interested.

I have had Jewish acquaintances. A feisty girl I met in my Dutch class in 2002. She was a lawyer and she came to the Netherlands from Israel because of love. The other was an old colleague who became a friend. Her parents were Dutch-Jewish and although she was not a believer herself she said that in Jewish tradition, if you are born to a Jewish mother, you are Jewish and you cannot alter that fact.

Anywho, I was lucky to steal a stiekem shot inside the Klausen Synagogue. I know, I am bad, lol.

I wanted to visit the other synagogues but I was turned away by the attendants saying my ticket does not include the entry. Considering that my remaining Czech Korunas would be my lunch and taxi to the airport, I declined the offer to purchase a ticket. And oh, I also need to buy a souvenir for the Dutchman.

Inside the Klausen synagogue.

The Ceremonial Hall and the street where its located. The Klausen Synagogue is on the right, with the doors.

A jewish KIPPA vendor. He was a bit shy haha.

Travel Period: December 2008

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