Friday, March 28, 2008

Staying at Hotel Le Chateau Fort Sedan with a sick Dutchman

‘It’s all your fault – you and your castle fetish.’ grumbles the zielig sickly Dutchman under the thick covers.

He has not been feeling well since the day we left for Sedan. He had suspicions that he will get major sick as he’d been feeling woozy but it turns out the devious bug was just being polite with us to wait until we finish our Easter holiday in France. As soon as we got back in the Netherlands, the bug touched soil and hit Dutchman hard with a full-blown serious flu (he is okay now though, after a week).

He tried to enlighten me that even if he agreed to this Castle Trip (for his late birthday present in exchange of Berlin), his body protested. Awww.

Dutchman grew up frequenting castles, fortifications, antiquated buildings, and ruins – thanks to his cultured parents, that he thinks after seeing ten of them (he has probably seen a hundred or more), each castle would look the same as the rest, ergo why even bother. But he oblige for this trip as we have very little choice in our hands, and in addition, I am paying, he-he.

I did the castle tour on my own while Dutchman stayed in bed to recuperate. When I came back to our hotel room, it took Dutchman a long time to open the door, and when he did he looked like someone just ran him over with a truck. He grumbled, saying he wasn’t able to get sleep as the room cleaners bothered him knocking loudly on the door. Twice.

‘This bloody hotel doesn’t have a ‘Do not disturb!’ sign!’

I glanced at the door and saw the –‘Please do not disturb’– sign hanging from a hook on the side cranny of the door, admittedly not the easiest place to find it.

‘Duh, it was right up your nose and you didn’t see it!?’

In summary, Hotel Chateau Fort Sedan was a nice castle stay experience. It was lovely waking up in the morning with one side of the room covered in the castle’s stone walls – although I think the stone walls could have been new and the hotel too, and they could have annexed the hotel to the real ancient walls of the fort, but nevertheless it was very special.

From our window we could see the massive inner courtyard of the fort and the cars parked on the grounds. The view is beautiful – romantic and medieval, a bit surreal. Through its behemothic stone wall fortifications, we were brought back in time. In the year 1500 to 1800. Life then was different.

It would have been perfect if Dutchman was a tad better and the elusive sun could have shone – Oh well, sometimes we don’t get everything we want. Dutchman mumbling, ‘Achteraf is dit jouw vakantie. Je hebt jezelf weer een cadeautje gegeven!’

Oh, ooops, hehe.

View from our room to the parking massive inner courtyard:

Inside the chateau hotel and the corridors with the old fortifications:

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Travel Period: March 2008

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