Sunday, April 06, 2008

Koop Zondag in Utrecht

Every first Sunday of the month is ‘Koop Zondag’ in Utrecht (and in many towns in the Netherlands, although dates may vary going south). This means one thing -- shops are open.

Europe is still, helaas, very conservative in many ways; a liberal and experienced woman who has traditionalistic ways (hmm, sounds like me, lol). An irony she is, isn’t she?

There was a fashion show in Hoog Catharijne (biggest mall in the Netherlands and ugliest too, says many Dutch) of the brands in the building, and in the foto are models of the designer, Claudia Strater. I like Claudia Strater, in fact I bought an item there earlier but the clothes these young models were strutting off on the catwalk were not at all flattering and inspiring. By the way, fotos were taken by my Nokia Navigator phone - I was very impressed with the quality of the built-in camera!

The concept of 24-hour commercialism is what I truly miss living in good old Europe. It’s still very medieval here when it comes to shop opening times. In the south of Europe, they even have siesta hours during mid-day to late afternoon! But I also understand why governments in this part of the world prefer not to adapt this part of the capitalist mentality. In fact I agree with them.

Perhaps I just miss the convenience of shopping after work, whereas fitting all the needed shopping chores on a jampacked Saturday (when all I want is to sleep in and wake up at 12!) and waiting for the first Sunday of the month.

It would have been ideal to live in cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam where shops are open in the center during Sunday, but then again, these are the places I would never ever want to live in. Truth of the matter is, I am now searching for a new and greener oasis.

So anyway, after 3 hours of well spent shopping time in Utrecht today I was able to pick up some neat stuff that I can use for spring.

The weather has been pretty good too, bright blue skies, compared to yesterday which was rainy and dismal. It has been pouring non-stop here in the past days and I really can’t wait until spring has finally arrived. Actually, she has arrived, but she’s still shy and hiding inside her dark closet.

Over tea this afternoon with the schoonouders and with chunks of wood burning in the fireplace, Dutch mother said there will be intermittent cold weather in the coming weeks before we are able to bathe and experience the freshness of spring. For now, they are making the most of the fireplace before it gets warmer.

Well, initially I wanted to go for a long and relaxing walk in the forest today or go visit the museum village called Orvelte with the Dutchman, but I can’t be in 3 places at the same time. I’ll rain check this for next weekend then.

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