Friday, April 04, 2008

Eyebrows post factum: 15 years ago

I was just checking old fotos in my Picasa foto gallery when I chanced upon this scanned 1992-1993 foto of me in Greenhills, Manila. It was during a party. I was then 23 and my eyebrows were still virgins. Very thick. Never been touched with a blade or puller.

My eyebrows, 15 years ago!

Moi now... Dutchman said I look drunk in this picture. Whatever!

Not really sure when I started tidying my eyebrows? It must have been, ack, I do not know anymore!

Back then when I was living and working in Manila, I was quite a very popular gal in the office. And for a reason. After work, my female colleagues would all line up in my cubicle area. They are like excited chickens waiting for their turn to be pulled. I mean their eyebrows being pulled, haha!

Now, with my current work, I am surrounded with men mostly. IT or ICT is a man’s world, which I have been used to after all these years. It is refreshing to be surrounded by men. I tend to be allergic with cliques (read: women cliques in the office) so with males around who do not care about cliques, I easily belong and somehow felt safe (strangely enough). I just hate drama and men rarely pulls a drama game, although there are a few out there indeed who could beat women at any round. And I digress.

Nevertheless, I just realised now with the picture above that I really had VERY THICK eyebows before.....

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