Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday walk in Utrecht

Oudegracht in Utrecht and the voorzichtig! sign which means - be careful.

This morning I was contemplating on visiting another pretty Dutch village. Barneveld (castle), Huizen (haven), Graft De Rijp (awarded best village), Orvelte (museum village), which one will it be? None of them really happened because I got stuck with my tax filing and chaotic administration (why is it that I am very organized at work and at home I am so cluttered?). I am late already and I can’t seem to figure out my online belegging accounts, sort out my documents, and most of all, I have forgotten (again for the 3rd time) my DigiD username and password!

I was so annoyed at myself because here I am surrounded with unsightly stacks of paper and having a massive headache while outside is a beautiful sunny day.

Since we didn’t have time to go to another town (it was 4PM already), Dutchman proposed we take a walk in the city center instead. We took the bike to the center with me saddled at the back and parked it in Oudegracht, making sure it is affixed to the railings for security. From there we walked to Neudeplein, passing through Janskerkhof, to Wittevrouwenstraat, to Biltstraat, to Maliebaan, and back to the center.

Biltstraat and Dutch women fietsers.

Canals, minute bridges, shutters, and trapgevels nearby Janskerkhof.

Hmmm, not really sure but I think this is Catharijne Singel?

It was a nice day. It didn’t seem like it was a Sunday in Utrecht as cafes and restaurants have opened up their terraces. Everyone was out. Biertje! People were on their bikes. Dutchman almost got ran down by one. We had gelato! The weather can truly make a difference.

We retired for the day in our favorite café in Neude for some drinks, rose for me please, and some afternoon finger food delights. The best part here is their generous collection of magazines and newspapers (they always have new ones), and the worst part is sitting outside in the terrace next to someone smoking.

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