Monday, April 28, 2008

Travel plans and Mr. Wooly

I have not been feeling well lately. Yesterday Saturday, I stayed in bed whilst my willing servant, the Dutchman was at my beck and call – get me some water, where is my brunch, give me my laptop, I want this and that for dinner. Ah, how ideal. I guess this is one of the advantages of having a Dutch man as a partner, they are not machos ;-)

Dutchman will be away soon for more than 2 weeks traveling to Asia for work, so during his absence I will be taking the opportunity to take long weekend trips.

Today, I have booked my spring trip with a friend from work to the traditional, picturesque, UNESCO world heritage coastal villages of Cinque Terre (finally!) in Liguria, Italy. We might also swing over to nearby fantabulous jet-set spot, Portofino. The excitement is so hard to contain, and it looks like its going to be warm weather down there which will be just perfect.

I also still have to book another trip, but solo, to Xanten, an old Roman village in Germany near the Dutch border. They are celebrating the Siegfried Spectacle next week which is a major medieval spring festival. Didn’t I mention a hundred times in this blog that I am charmed by the Middle Ages?

I badly needed the time to relax and pamper myself, after all I have been working very long hours lately.

For summer, we are thinking of going to mythical Greece again. Dutchman and I love the beautiful and magical Greek Islands. We are eyeing Santorini, Mykonos, and Naxos but not sure yet which month we are going and which island we will be staying.

I also am craving to go to the US to shop, and there’s my Helsinki - St. Petersburg plan too. So many travel plans but so little time!

Anyway, enough of this.

Our little nichtje is celebrating her birthday today, so we went to visit her. We gave her a movie she liked called Timboektoe and a necklace that I bought in Rome last February.

Here she is in her klompen [wooden shoes] with Wooly, her pet konijntje [rabbit] ;-)

Rabbits are very popular pets in the Netherlands these days.

Coming up soon -- Queens Day on the 30th of April, we are not sure if we are staying in Utrecht or if the maddening crowd in Amsterdam is worth a visit. Weather reports say it MIGHT rain on the festivities. Hope not!

At any rate, stay tuned for the orange fotos later this week.

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