Monday, April 07, 2008

Vegetarian pasta

These days I have been making pasta for dinner because its Dutchman’s favorite and he gets to order them here at home (with the usual line: WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO ORDER FOR DINNER TONIGHT? -- PASTA!), which I gladly make ever since I had my trip in Italy several weeks ago where I bought loads of pasta herb mixes!

Vegetarian pasta – it’s been ages since I last took a foto of my culinary experiments. This one was our dinner last Sunday evening, per Dutchman’s order.

So now, I don’t have much left of my pasta herbs and I am sooo dying to go back to Italy for a little shopping and sightseeing trip at the end of the month, but it seems we might have a different plan by then since its going to be a long free weekend. This is going to be the last of the meager Dutch holidays until Christmas.

They say that the Netherlands has the least number of official holidays in Europe. *sigh* I am glad we have the 25 vacation days to cover up for the lack of it.

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