Monday, May 26, 2008

Classical Concert at the Amstel in Amsterdam

Before I write 3 more travel review entries of my Italian Riviera holiday (Portovenere, Santa Margherita-Ligure, and Portofino), I forgot to post these pictures that I took a couple of weeks ago in Amstel in Amsterdam, so I am posting them now.

It looks like there were Marines in there guarding the Amstel Canals. Boats could not go further the bridge where I stood while taking this shot. The concert stage being dressed up, 2.5 hours before the festivities started. The wooden bridge on the lower photo is the Magerebrug (Skinny Bridge).

There was a classical concert dedicated to the Queen (this was a week after Queen’s Day) in the Amstel Canals which was perfect timing as my colleague just moved into his very chic apartment in nearby Keizersgracht and invited us over for a drink.

I know it is a struggle to walk in my high heels on the cobblestones but there is no way would I, in my sane mind, bring the car to the Centrum. Not in Keizersgracht!

Two glasses of white wine was enough for me and I retired for some water. Later, I bid goodbye to the host as I didn’t want to leave when it’s dark.

Outside, the police already barricaded the roads and only permitted pedestrians on foot to pass by. Bikes would have to make a detour which garnered a lot of disapproving looks from the locals on their bikes while the unabashed went cursing on the air: gadt-fer-dam-me! lol

The crowd was quite big, and out of curiousity, I got lured to the pack and squeezed tiny me between the sea of tall shoulders standing on the Magerebrug (exact translation: Thin Bridge), which is also known as the Romantic Bridge in Amsterdam. An acquaintance living in Amsterdam once told me that many lovers pass through the bridge and stop midway to kiss. Romantic indeed.

The classical concert in full swing, around 10pm+.

At any rate, I could never stand too long on the cobblestones with my high heels but I watched the concert for a bit before I hurried off, tiptoeing as I go, to the tram stop.

Visit Period: May 2008
Destination: Amsterdam Centrum (Amsterdam - North Holland), the Netherlands

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