Friday, May 02, 2008

Few snapshots of Queens Night

Orange lighted shop glimmering in the dark night.

I didn’t do much on Queen’s Night and Queen’s Day – Tuesday evening, Queen’s Night, I came home very late from work and I was not feeling jumpy enough to trek down the streets of Utrecht for some Queen’s Nightlife. But we did anyway, but short. We just checked the festivities, did a quick round of the free market, which wasn’t as packed as I remember in the last years to be. Maybe the cold showers dampened the mood.
I had a laugh with this. The guy posing as the baby of Prince Willem and Princess Maxima was drunk I think. Maxima in this foto looked like Kelly the transexual (who became popular with Big Brother).

And we didn’t even buy alcohol! Nada, none, niks. Suddenly I feel I am too old for these street revelries.

On Queen’s Day itself, Wednesday, I stayed at home and didn’t get out. I am tired and wasn’t in the mood to go to town to check the day festivities. Dutchman went though to buy more stacks of blank CD’s but the dealer had left for the day.

This is one of the many hip street parties we ran into – loved the play of the lights here as the colors change every second. The music was great too. Not always an easy pass through for me as I am a dwarf compared to the Dutch giants. Sometimes I get scared they might suffocate and squeeze me to death. Now everyone knows my excuse on not liking street parties, lol.

On TV, they were showing the Royal Family visiting 2 villages in Friesland up north. The townsfolk sponsoring the visit of HRH Beatrix and the rest of the Royal Family entourage prepare these exclusive well-thought of Royal programs that reflect nothing less than the peculiar Dutch tradition and customs.

This one is a more traditional street party with the orange banners and everything else orange including Dutch folk music mixed with trance.

As for me I find it a little bit ironic, to subject the Dutch Royal Family in public in a somewhat comical and ridiculous show, i.e., koekhappen year after year, after year, and after year, lol. It seems that everyone thinks the little silly games they play is cute – NOT! Dutchman would describe the whole thing as TRIEST.

I think I am in agreement that the Royal Family looks a bit (and the silly things they have to do) TRIEST on Queens Day

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