Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random thoughts about my life

My life nowadays is a busy tangle of everything. Work being occupying 80% of my activities. Well, mostly in my mind anyway; they even creep into my dreams at night and when I wake up! Politics are a fulltime job. No wonder politicians grow old (or get grey hair) the next day into their term.

But things are doing great at work. So far. I cannot ask for more. Although, a promotion in order would be nice I guess, but unfortunately, I am just 3 months old into this new position. Big boss told me during our chat, “You are not even with us for a quarter!” You know, I can’t have a head as huge as a football field.

Meanwhile, headhunters still keep emailing and calling me. I even receive post mails. I wonder where they get my CV?

On the domestic chores front, I still do a bit, mostly cooking. I share half of the chores anyway with the Dutchman. Can you imagine having a man do all the laundry, drying, and vacuuming at home? Having someone to pick up things after me is actually the major thing I truly miss about living back in the Philippines.

If I was single and living in the Netherlands I would still get a maid, but unfortunately the Dutchman has very grounded domestic principles. He grew up seeing Dutch women with impeccable cleaning skills. Amazing, these Dutch women are so gifted; they have domestic talents! At least he doesn’t mind doing it for me, so the maid I guess can wait until he gets tired doing it all by himself, lol.

I also do a little bit of socializing lately, drinks here and dinner there. Mostly to keep in touch with a few friends I made in my previous jobs. I am not the friendly type who makes everyone their best friends. But I have a few – very, very few. Apart from that, I always prefer to stay at home anyway. I realized years ago, like more than a decade actually, and this was when I started living on my own, and alone, that I am a 101% homebody. I am glad the Dutchman is like me.

Right now, I am (or we are) busy looking for a house with nature views; a house with some outdoor space, which unfortunately is a luxury in this tiny country. But I am just tired of urban living. I am tired of seeing highways and cars and buildings. I am just soooooooo tired.

So a few weeks ago I saw this really nice villa in – just right, not too big, and with a terraced garden. I especially loved the garden because it was just perfect and trouble-free for the undomesticated me. Hint: there was less grass on the ground and barely any plants. I have a black thumb right so I always avoid complicated gardens with multitudes of flowers and shrubberies. Well, Dutchman was excited about it too. So we went to check out the villa but the visit was a big disappointment. We saw how tight the space was to the next door neighbors. No way.

There was also another house I fell in love with. The description says it is a monument house, and the scenery was just awesome, endless green. The horizon could not be as greener as the views of this house. But it was somewhere in the North near Hoorn. Sigh - too far from Amsterdam.

So there, back to looking again.

I will be 38 in June. Now I can truly say I am in my late thirties, which sound quite odd really. Dutch sister is already eyeing a lake where we can picnic for my birthday, which reminds me I need to call her about it.

The other day, I had a chat with a 31 year old. He said he is way older than me. I had to laugh out loud which tickled him to bits.

“Why are you laughing?” he asked while laughing with me – you see I am contagious.

“Because you think you are older than me.”

“Why?” –pause– “No way you’re older than me--I am 31! You must be like 24 or something?”

OMG! LOL – Hellooo... I am now 24 years old!!!?

Sometimes it’s irritating to always defend your age. For once in my life, I’d like people to think and see I am 38.

Dutchman on the other hand just returned from Asia and already gave me the task of searching for our Greek summer holiday. He wants us to go in June, which, looking at our schedules at work would be impossible. But I’ve started my online research anyway, and read travel reviews and saw fotos of the Cyclades Islands. Now I can’t contain my excitement!

Last weekend while in the car going to the supermarket, Dutchman pointed to a woman walking on the sidewalk pushing a prom. Beside her is a little girl.

“Do you ever see yourself like that?”


“If it’s your baby you will like it I guess. That’s what many people always say.”

“Yeah I am sure.” “But I love my life right now. I don’t want to change it.”

“Me too.”

As for emails. I am your lazy queen of procrastination. So to those I owe one or two, please bear with me. The email will come but just (as always) late. Unfortunately, emailing is a weakness I have not overcome :-(

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