Sunday, June 29, 2008

I need a holiday

We are off to Santorini, Greece in less than 48 hours and I still don’t feel the holiday feeling flowing in my veins. So I thought, perhaps writing about it – blogging it, would help me get into the holiday mood.

I’ve managed to print a list of places to visit in Santorini and in the nearby islands of the Cyclades Islands-Region. They say that Santorini is the most beautiful, with breathtaking and unique views, and is the most popular island of Greece. The pictures make me look forward to the holiday but with many things to do before the actual flight, everything seems like a last minute run, a miasma of activities.

The kitchen needs cleaning and I don’t know where to start. Ugh, I swear I have failed housekeeping. I’ve never hated housekeeping this much until I came to live in the Netherlands. Dutchman promised to vacuum the place before we leave. He better do it as I am not in the mood.

I still have to pack! It’s not going to be quick mixing and matching clothes and accessories. Are my favorite clothes clean? I know Dutchman did a load of wash yesterday. You know that feeling that you must, in whatever circumstances, bring your favorite shirt?

And then there’s work. Right, work is preoccupying my mind right now. There are politics at work to be dealt with. There are things I want. I know what I want. I WANT IT. I swear. I WILL GET IT. I have to. I MUST.

It’s the end of the month, the end of the quarter. There is still 1 day to go and I am stretching myself far and wide even though I am way over my targets for the month, quarter, and year. I am never satisfied. I am a slave driver to myself.

I need a holiday right.

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