Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Leeuwtje de Welpie is heeeel blij!

The European Football Championship and Oranje fever has gotten into me. I got myself a Welpie (little lion mascot of Holland) from Albert Heijn at work! For every €15 purchase at Albert Heijn you get a free Welpie and I made sure yesterday to get me one =)

My little
Welpie in support of the Dutch football team sitting on the phone; I call him Leeuwtje (means little lion). The Lion is the Dutch mascot - its national mascot for everything.

With the Dutch’s great start yesterday taking Italy to the cleaners with a score of 3 against 0, who would be mad not to join the Oranje raucous?

UEFA website: Euro2008 Championships


Oranje fans in Bundesplatz Berne, Switzerland during the first match of the Group of Death, Netherlands vs. Italy.


Dutch invasion in Berne, Switzerland. The mayor is so happy as every minute 30 liters of beer were consumed (and the fans had only party and getting drunk in mind, no hooligans!). He enjoys the party but more so the €€€€€€€. Check on Youtube for more videos and query - Oranje fans 2008 or Dutch football fans 2008

Dutchman and I actually switched channels because we can’t bear to witness who will score first -- then we heard the neighbors scream. “Holland scored! Holland scored!” shouted the Dutchman whilst fumbling for the remote control switching back to the live footage of the game.

It was a great match, at least for the Netherlands as they were on the offensive side. Italy on the other hand was acting strange. I have not a single clue what ever happened to them? Did they had too much pasta for dinner they all look lethargic?

I know the Dutch as a whole are a pessimistic lot when it comes to their national football team. Don’t be misled by the thousands of Orange-clad supporters recently invading little villages and camping grounds of Berne, Switzerland. The Dutch in reality are phlegmatic types who can’t stop examining themselves from within. I really think they have a good chance in winning the Championships, that is if they always get their act together just like yesterday.

So with that, let me say, Hup Holland Hup!

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