Friday, July 25, 2008

Manila airport dispute: After 6 years!

OMG – I couldn’t believe this news! Should I say FINALLY?!

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After 6 years (international) flights begin at Manila’s Terminal 3 <- click="" in="" jetfotos.="" more="" read="" span="" to="">

The brand new international airport built 6 years ago to replace the decaying and embarrassing old Manila Terminal (NAIA – Ninoy Aquino International Airport) where all the international commercial aircrafts from all over the world land filled with excited tourists and willing investors only to be welcomed by an ancient, rotten, and dingy airport has just been opened. It took 6 full years after completion.

A couple of years ago, I had a business trip with my previous boss here in the Netherlands in Manila and Cebu and I still could not forget his look when we landed passing through the stained moldy corridors to a much disappointing sight in the arrivals to get our bags – Is this the Philippines’ airport? And he had to bloody pay for the trolley but the wheel got stuck because of corrosion while mine made funny rickety noises.

Now, after 6 full years of almost irreconcilable and juvenile disputes between the stuck-up high all-mighty Philippine government and the angered, frustrated and disillusioned international contractors, the brand new unused modern Manila international airport has finally(!!!) been opened but unfortunately the once brand new paint on the building walls has started to fall off... slowly by slowly.

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