Sunday, July 20, 2008

Megalochori, the little "big village" in Santorini

We rented a scooter and this is what you will see when driving around the island -- white washed houses. I think there is a strict regulation that you cannot paint your house with any color other than white, or any of the pastel colors allowed.

On the way to Perissa which is another beach stretch in Santorini with our Peugeot scooter that looked more like a huge motorbike really, we saw a sign on the main road that said – Greek Traditional Village: Megalochori

I told Dutchman we should go there one day and indeed the next day we did the village visits to Pyrgos which will be my next entry and Megalochori.

The white and quiet narrow alleys of Megalochori. This bell tower gateway gave an authentic and charming feel. The village also has a few churches.

Typical white traditional Cycladic houses in Megalochori with blue doors and windows. Greek salad for snack and this bread is really delicious. I love dipping bread with olive oil mixed with balsamico + salt + pepper.

Megalochori – or Megalohori in Greek means “Big Village” which is a rather blunt euphemistic twist as there are less than 500 resident houses in the village. They, however say that the most powerful families in Santorini used to live here, perhaps shaping, and influencing the name of this little quiet town.

It is also one of the Greek villages in the island that managed to keep its traditional ambience. White-washed houses and architectural features that typifies the archetypal Cycladic house, narrow quiet alleys drenched in white paint, corner streets that leads you to a flight of steps bringing you to yet another narrow alley washed in white, are all available to see, to be explored, and to be experienced when you step inside this immaculate white village.

More fotos of Megalochori can be found here: Megalochori - Santorini, Greece

The pretty church bell tower that also serves as the gateway to the main square of the village where the taverns congregate - that is me by the way standing under the arch gateway in the foto. Next foto is one of the taverns in the square and I love the how the pink bougainvillas hang from the wooden trellis.

The little town is also home to the local fine craft of wine making, a once major economic livelihood in Santorini. Boutaris, the largest and well known wine factory in the island offers educational and cultural wine tours.

I never bothered to drag the unwilling Dutchman to the wine factory, not even to the wine museum near Kamari where we stayed (he already protested before I entertained the thought!) as I knew this would only be a pure, and nothing less, cultural nightmare for him.

Travel Period: July 2008
Destination: Megalochori (Santorini - Cyclades Islands), Greece

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