Friday, August 08, 2008

Oudaen Castle Brewery (and Restaurant) in Utrecht

In the Centrum of Utrecht lies this small city castle along Utrecht’s oldest canal, the Oudegracht, veiled from the hustle and bustle of everyday little city life – shoppers going about on their daily and weekly rounds, street vendors displaying their wares, musicians on the prowl for a few euros a serenade, food carts selling ijs, shaorma, and pizza... and I like to sit during late afternoon in the outside terrace of this little city castle and listen to the feisty flower sellers scream at the top of their voices their last call for the flowers of the day.

Having witbier in Stadskasteel Oudaen in Utrecht. I quite like the striking imperial doorway of this café restaurant which was once a castle and still is a brewery.

Stadskasteel Oudaen brews its own beer. They also have brewery tours with beer tasting and sampling of their bitterganituur, a Dutch finger food specialty usually eaten together with an alcoholic beverage before dinner.

I had witbier (wheat beer – these beers have a significant proportion of malted barley) which I think is their Ouwe Daen beer. It tasted really good. Witbiers are said to be descendants from medieval beers. It has this thick hazy color and white lather top when served cold.

I’ve lived in Utrecht for 6 years (half of it in the suburbs but still part of Utrecht) but I think I just recently realized that this elegant café restaurant by the Oudegracht is actually a castle and a brewery.

Visit Period: July 2008
Destination: Utrecht Centre, The Netherlands

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