Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Santorini Salad for lunch and more breath taking views of Oia

We had our lunch in Oia. In a lovely tavern overlooking the Caldera.

Santorini salad and yoghurt with honey and walnuts for lunch at the Strogili tavern. I forgot to take fotos of the views down to the caldera from our table.

We ordered the usual Greek yoghurt with honey and we tried a different salad this time—the ‘Santorini Salad’ which was garnished with with fresh spring onions and topped with the local Santorini cheese. I ate them the spring onions gusto because they were chunky and sweet. I thought the feta cheese was a cross between an Emmental and a Comte.

After lunch we were back to trailing the marble and volcanic cobblestone pathways. Oia is just so lovely, you cannot simply tire from adoring it. It is like a fairtytale place during the time of the Greek gods.

Because of its popularity, the little town is literally flooded with tourists. It is nearly impossible to get a good shot without someone sneaking you’re your picture. People are walking everywhere. But as you walk farther from the centre towards the northern tip of the town where the Oia Kastro castle ruins are located, there are less people around. The spectacular sunset in Oia goes down here.

More lovely panoramic views of Oia:

Travel Period: July 2008

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