Monday, August 04, 2008

Boating in Amsterdam

Last Friday I went boating with some colleagues in Amsterdam. Weather forecast: 0% chance of rain. We could not believe it! This is the Netherlands where the sun only shine 2 weeks in a year. Two of my colleagues own a boat which is pretty cool if you live in a canal city. However, with only 2 weeks sunshine in a year, a boat is not the most practical investment in terms of ROI usability.

On the other hand, wouldn’t it be fab to go to work in a boat instead of the usual bike, scooter, car, tram, or train? Right in the corner of our office building is a canal to moor the boat. No mooring fees I believe. Now, that is a great idea.

I love this quaint section of Amsterdam.

Anyway, it was a fun time. We’ve all blown our numbers at work so it was like a little celebration for an impressive entrance to Q3. While we are excited to see our bank accounts at the end of the month, it really was our ego that kept all of us going. A real sales person is not just driven by the €€€. A real sales person is driven to win, driven by his or her ego.

I was in a grumpy disposition though as I thought it was my worse month, having been away on holiday, being sickly, moody and everything else. Worse month it is not really as I have overachieved (note to self: you are such a brat braggart... but, well, most sales people are anyway) but I live in a cutthroat world with an obstinate head who will not settle down for less. For which I am resolved that this is literally an affliction I have, a cross to carry, as it becomes personal to me. Argh, I think I am cursed with this outlook. Caught in a vicious cycle, month after month, running after my own tail – run, run, run for the tail. My own tail. Then all of a sudden, I get lost in the adrenalin chaos translation jumping junk.

This is in the Red Light District at around 5PM - quite lively with lots of people, well, mostly tourists, hanging out.

At any rate, I really don’t (want) prefer to blog about work, so I guess this is so much that I can afford to write on here. Sometimes I truly wish I have an anonymous blog without my fotos (although in this blog I am semi-anonymous anyway) where I can write about my interesting and every-so-often colourful career life in the flatlands. The battles I have to go through, choose, and fight for, and how the Dutch and Europeans see this forthright, little, willful Asian woman wriggling her way in the rat race and carving a hole in this man’s corporate world called the IT industry.

Writing is indeed therapeutic. It makes me calm. It makes ordinary people like you and me think of the things in our lives that matter, things we appreciate. It helps put stuff in our minds into words, words that we can read and validate. That is why I always say, I blog for myself.

The Sex Palace in Amsterdam Red Light District.

So much for that, the highlight of the boat trip are my Dutch colleagues who have never seen the light of day in Amsterdam. Throughout their Dutch lives, they have never set foot in the Red Light District! Big LMAO, ROTFL, LOL, and whatever cyber jargons you can think of! For real, they all went agog when we passed by the district.

At a snail’s pace our boat glided into the narrow canals of the forbidden terrain-NOT. My colleague's eyes wide open, wowed to this new discovery in the country they were born into, haha--'This is the Red Light District???' One of them requested we turn back so he could see the sexy hookers behind the windows for the second time. And we did.

I thought it was so funny! While all the tourists, wannabe tourists, and foreigners et al think that the Dutch go to hookers for pleasure, eat space cakes, smoke hash all day in the coffee shops, and euthanize their sickly grandparents. Yeah right ;-)

Visit Period: August 2008
Destination: Amsterdam Centrum (Amsterdam - North Holland), The Netherlands

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