Sunday, August 10, 2008

Typically Dutch 001: Dog or cat in the bike basket

I thought I will start a “Typisch Nederlands” (in English – Typically Dutch) foto entry that epitomizes the Dutch and the Netherlands.

Spotted this cute little puppy in a basket bike this weekend when I did the grocery.

In the Netherlands, cats, little puppies, and small dogs are carried by their doting owners in a bike basket. The most extraordinary I ever saw was in Maastricht. The little hyperactive dog stood on the bike’s steel rod while his master pedaled the bike!

For big dogs, the owners usually bike side by side with them. Hand on the bike handrail and the other hand on the dog’s leash. The most preposterous I ever saw in this country was a car slowly towing a dog. Unbelievable how lazy some people are.

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