Saturday, August 23, 2008

Typically Dutch 002: Draw Bridges & Caravans

The Netherlands is a water country, ergo bridges everywhere!

Draw bridges and caravans, even on the highway.

Last weekend we went to Friesland up north to visit friends. They speak a different language there by the way but ABN (Algemeen Beschaafd Nederlands - which is something like the nationally approved language) is also spoken by everyone. Along the A6 highway we stopped for a quickie as the highway drawbridge was open.

Drawbridges in the Netherlands come in many forms. Most of them are small wooden characteristic bridges in little villages that are drawn up by a pulley. Some are metal bridges operated by a remote control service, while this one is a highway bridge specially manned by a dedicated personnel.

And of course the caravan! What else can I say? Many Dutch own caravans and much to the annoyance of southern neighbors, they tow them down to Germany, France and Italy during summer, clogging their highways.

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