Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back in the cold

I am now back in the Netherlands and at the airport I was met with the crispness of the cold temperature seeping through the runway tube. Before touchdown the pilot announced it is 10C in Schiphol, a far cry from 30C-35C in Athens by day, and 22C in Budapest.

A candid-stolen shot; withdrawing money from an ATM in Athens (the ATM brand is a previous employer). Thanks S!

Navigating my way through the crowd in Schiphol, I quickly searched for the nearest toilet. I need to re-touch my makeup as I am heading straight to work in Amsterdam. Although I barely slept comfortably in the plane, luckily I did not have eye bags or dark rings under my eyes.

The taxi ride to work was quite interesting. The young driver, who I reckon must be Turkish or Moroccan looked like Jan Smit who did not shave for 2 days. Jan Smit is a (folk-country) singer in the Netherlands who hails from Volendam and is very popular with the younger group.

So right I am back and all I hear is the mortgage crisis in the USA. Lehman went bankrupt and who would have thought the mighty AIG would be in deep shite? Fortis too lost its share value while still having a huge debt over the ABN-Amro takeover. Then I had a good laugh at Wilder’s debating skills in the Tweede Kamer which should be the talk of the week in town! Oh dear, Dutch politics is indeed hilarious.

At work this week I have been totally sacharijnig, impatient, and aggressive and rightly so I think. I always try my best to be politically correct though, if I can help it, but the feisty confrontational side of me prevails especially when something needs to get done ASAP or when there is injustice. You know, I have hands to type and I have a mouth to speak.

At home, haven’t really slept well and been catching up lately. After dinner I just fall lifeless on the couch and Dutchman had to wake me up and drag me to the bedroom at midnight.

The last few days this week have just been so incredibly tiring, and stressful. I looked like a walking zombie, gaunt, sucked out of energy and blood but ready to take out a fight, lol.

Anyway, glad that the week closed beautifully.

I will post fotos and stories of Budapest and Athens in the coming days, and also my last entry of Texel!

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